A lifetime has passed in this waiting

A lifetime has passed in this waiting
Aditya Chaudhary

Kripashankar Nirankari, 35, a resident of Kaushambi, came to Prayagraj in 2011 after completing his MA with the dream of becoming a teacher. Here, by taking a room in Salori area, he started fulfilling his dream. Many teachers appeared in the recruitment examinations but only got disappointed. Kripashankar did not give up. Last year, on behalf of the Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Service Selection Board, applied for the recruitment of assistant teachers in non-government colleges in the process started. After applying, Kripashankar was looking forward to completing the recruitment process soon, but he was disappointed. Kripashankar says, “Five months have passed since the last date of application, but the board has not yet announced the exam date.” Like him, Assistant Teacher (TGT) and Lecturer (PGT) recruitment in non-government schools- More than 13 lakh candidates who applied for 2022 are counting the days in the hope of moving ahead with the selection process.

The courage of some candidates has also started answering now. They have started a continuous protest by laying a carpet outside the office of Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Selection Board in Alanganj area of ​​Prayagraj. They are demanding to declare the exam date and increase the posts of teachers in the advertisement issued by the board. Although Viresh Kumar, chairman of the Secondary Education Services Selection Board, has his own pain. He says, “All 10 posts of members in the board are vacant. Its information has been given to the government. Without their appointment, the exam date cannot be announced.” But no effort has been made by the government to appoint members and the term of the chairman of the board is also coming to an end in April.

The dwindling posts in teacher recruitment and the ever-increasing number of candidates have only increased the number of unemployed. Every year more than one lakh candidates come out with B.Ed degree in the educational institutions of the state. 13.19 lakh candidates have applied for Assistant Teacher (TGT) and Lecturer (PGT) Recruitment-2022 in non-government colleges. 8.69 lakh applications have been received for 3,539 posts of TGTs and 4.50 lakhs for 624 posts of PGTs. Among those who applied, there are about 12.50 lakh B.Ed degree holders. Earlier, the Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Selection Board had issued an advertisement for the recruitment of a total of 15,198 posts in 2021. Of these, there were 12,603 ​​posts of TGT and 2,595 posts of PGT. A total of 11.47 candidates had applied for this. In this way, in comparison to 2021, the number of posts decreased to one-third in 2022 while the number of applicants increased by one and a half lakh. Sunil Maurya, leader of the All India Student Association (AISA), who is fighting the battle for teacher candidates in Prayagraj, says, “Despite the huge shortage in teacher recruitment posts, they are not being filled on time. This is causing double whammy on the unemployed candidates. On one hand they are getting overage, on the other hand due to delay in the recruitment process the number of job applicants is also increasing.

Not only secondary teachers, but the recruitment of 69,000 teachers in the government’s basic education has also not been completed yet. The recruitment process of these teachers started in December 2018. Due to wrong determination of reservation in this, the deprived candidates of the reserved category took refuge in the High Court. The matter reached the Chief Minister’s office. After this, in January 2022, the selection list of 6,800 candidates in the reserved category was released. According to Laxmikant Yadav, who filed a petition in the High Court regarding this episode, the number of candidates who have been released in this recruitment, the same number of posts are not left in this recruitment. Result: Candidates are wandering for appointment.

Not only this, the dispute of “zero district” has not been resolved in the recruitment of 12,460 assistant teachers in council primary schools. The recruitment process for 12,460 teachers in primary schools began on December 15, 2016. In this, not a single post was vacant in 24 out of 75 districts of the state. Candidates of these 24 districts were allowed to apply in any other district. But in 51 districts where there were vacant posts, the candidates who did BTC (Basic Training Certificate) course filed a petition in the High Court, saying that they should get priority in recruitment, even if the merit of the candidates of zero 24 districts is more. . At that time recruitment was done on the basis of district level merit. The first counseling of this recruitment process took place on March 16, 2017, but at that time the newly formed Yogi Adityanath government stopped the recruitment process on March 23, 2017 in the name of review. A year later, on April 16, 2018, Chief Minister Yogi gave permission to start the recruitment process. Two days later, the High Court banned the appointment letters to the candidates of zero district. On May 1, 2018, appointment letters were distributed to 6,512 candidates in 51 districts but the remaining 5,948 posts have not been filled till date.

The recruitment process of teachers through various commissions and boards has also got entangled in the new and old commission. On January 3, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath directed to set up the Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission. Yogendra Upadhyay, Cabinet Minister of Higher Education Department, says, “The recruitment of teachers in basic, secondary and higher educational institutions of the state will now be done through a commission. This will not only save time, but the recruitment process will also be completed in a transparent manner.” But AISA leader Sunil Maurya, raising questions on the formation of the new commission, says, “The announcement of the formation of the Education Service Selection Commission has created confusion among the candidates. has been born. What will happen to the recruitments for which applications have been taken. “The Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Service Commission had completed the application process in August 2022 for the recruitment of 1,017 posts of Assistant Professor in non-government aided colleges, but the examination is yet to be held. The date has not been declared. The term of the chairman of this commission Ishwar Sharan Vishwakarma and two other members will be completed on the 6th of next month. In such a situation, there is a possibility of pending the selection process for the post of Assistant Professor. However, Higher Education Minister Yogendra Upadhyay says, “The commission will announce the exam date before the first week of February.”

Not only the candidates, the officers and employees working in the old selection commissions and boards are apprehensive about the new Education Service Selection Commission. Satish Verma, research officer in one of these commissions, says, “The permanent office of the old commission and the board was in Prayagraj. Employees and officers have made their permanent residence in Prayagraj itself. In such a situation, if the office of the Education Service Selection Commission is established in Lucknow, then the employees of the old commission and the board will have to face difficulties.

Obviously, with the formation of the Education Service Selection Commission, the state government will have to come out with a practical policy for the adjustment of the employees and officers working in the old commissions, otherwise the formation of the new commission will also give a new headache to the government. This will not be good for the ‘health’ of the pending teacher recruitment processes.

This is how the selection process will change
In the present system, teacher recruitment examinations for Basic Education Council are held through the Uttar Pradesh Examination Regulatory Authority (PNP). The same PNP also conducts the Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (UPTET).

Uttar Pradesh Secondary Service Selection Board conducts recruitment to the posts of Assistant Teacher, Lecturer, Principal in Aided Secondary Schools.

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission conducts the recruitment examinations of assistant teachers (LT), lecturers and principals, teachers of technical education in government secondary schools.

Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Service Commission recruits teachers in aided colleges. Assistant Professor and Principal recruitment examinations are held in government degree colleges only through the UP Public Service Commission.

There is a preparation to recruit teachers in basic, secondary, higher and technical educational institutions of the state through the Integrated Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission.

After the formation of the new commission, there is a provision to transfer all the recruitment board/commission employees and their pending responsibilities to the integrated commission only.

Without the permission of the new commission, the management will not be able to take action against the teachers and employees. This includes actions such as suspension, removal from service

“Many commissions, boards together are not able to complete the teacher recruitment process properly, so how will a new commission be able to do it?”
Vicky Khan
President, Competitive Student Front

“With the help of the Education Service Selection Commission, the recruitment process of teachers will not only be completed on time but will also be done in a transparent manner”
Yogendra Upadhyay
Higher Education Minister, UP

Five years completed but investigation incomplete

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) attracted the attention of the youth in the 2017 assembly elections by making corruption an issue in the recruitment of the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC). After taking over as Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, as a Member of Parliament, in his address to the Lok Sabha on July 20, 2017, raised the issue at the national level by mentioning irregularities in UPPSC recruitments. As soon as he returned to Lucknow after participating in the proceedings of the Lok Sabha, Chief Minister Yogi had opened the way for justice to the agitating competitive students by recommending a CBI inquiry into the recruitment of UPPSC. Five months later, on January 25, 2018, the CBI started investigating the recruitments in UPPSC by registering a ‘preliminary enquiry’, but even after five years, it has not yet reached any conclusion.

Firstly, the responsibility of investigating the recruitment was entrusted to IPS officer Rajeev Ranjan, but after that, IRS officer Jitendra Kumar (2019 to 2021), Delhi cadre IPS officer Atul Thakur (2021 to July 2022) and from July 2022 to IPS officer Suman Kumar. Handed over but so far no direct action has been taken against any of the culprits.

The CBI had to investigate about 633 recruitment examinations from April 2012 to March 2017, under which more than 40 thousand posts were selected. Initially, the CBI investigation progressed rapidly and a large number of candidates appeared before the CBI to file complaints of corruption in recruitment. Till now statements of about 12 thousand candidates have been recorded. The CBI probing recruitment rigging has registered FIRs in the last five years only in the case of rigging in two major examinations PCS-2015 and Additional Private Secretary (APS)-2010. On the basis of the evidence and complaints received from the candidates, Preliminary Inquiry (PE) has been registered in the case of Review Officer/Assistant Review Officer-2013, Direct Recruitment of Medical Officer-2014, Lower Subordinate-2013 and some other recruitments.

In the case of direct recruitment of medical officers, a retired female professor from the Homeopathic College of Prayagraj had recorded her statement by handing over evidence to the CBI. He had handed over experience certificates related to the teaching work of many candidates for direct recruitment to the posts of Lecturer, Principal, Reader, Professor in Homeopathic College as evidence to the CBI. These certificates were completely fake. On this, the CBI has registered a preliminary inquiry in the matter of medical officer recruitment, but no action has been taken so far. The female professor who provided the evidence says, “I took the risk and recorded my statement before the CBI, but due to no action, my courage is responding.”

It has been more than four and a half years since the CBI investigation of Additional Private Secretary (APS)-2010 recruitment started, during this time an FIR has also been registered against Prabhunath, the then Controller of Examinations of UPPSC, after irregularities were found, but after that the investigation remained cold. happened. However, 223 candidates selected under this recruitment are working in Uttar Pradesh Secretariat. Avnish Pandey, president of the ‘Competitive Students’ Struggle Committee’, has sent a letter to the CBI director, claiming that the candidates posted in the secretariat are influencing the investigation by meeting bureaucrats. The CBI has sought sanction for prosecution from the Government and the UP Public Service Commission for direct action against some other public servants suspected to be involved in rigging, but no decision has been taken on this yet. But Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya says, “The government is fully sensitive to provide justice to the competing students. Those who disturb the recruitment process will not be spared.

“If the CBI investigation of UPPSC continues at the same pace, it will not be completed even in the next 20 years”
Avnish Pandey
President Competitive Student Struggle Committee

What is the secret of lethargy!

July 31, 2017
The state government recommended a CBI inquiry into the recruitment of the UP Public Service Commission from the central government.

November 21, 2017
Central Government’s Ministry of Personnel and Pensions issued notification of CBI investigation of Public Service Commission

January 25, 2018
The then SP, CBI Anti-Corruption Branch, Rajeev Ranjan started the investigation by registering a ‘Preliminary Inquiry’ in Lucknow.

January 31, 2018
Rajeev Ranjan reached the premises of the Public Service Commission and started searching the documents amid heavy protests from the commission personnel.

May 5, 2018
CBI registers first FIR against Public Service Commission and seals many important documents in commission premises

June 19, 2018
CBI found huge irregularities in Additional Private Secretary Recruitment-2010 and wrote a letter to the state government seeking permission for investigation

October 4, 2018
The Uttar Pradesh government has sent the approval of the investigation of the entire result of the additional private secretary recruitment examination to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

July 2020
‘Preliminary Inquiry’ registered for irregularities in three other examinations including Review Officer/Assistant Review Officer 2013

August 4, 2021
Case filed in Additional Private Secretary Recruitment-2010 case. Prabhunath, the then Controller of Examinations, was nominated in this.