After only 17 years, the rotation of the center of the earth will stop, then it will spin in the opposite direction… Will there be a big disaster? – Earth Inner Core took pause and changes its spinning course risk to earths surface tstr

After only 17 years, the rotation of the center of the earth will stop, then it will spin in the opposite direction... Will there be a big disaster? - Earth Inner Core took pause and changes its spinning course risk to earths surface tstr
Aditya Chaudhary

Earth’s Inner Core rotates. Hot and solid iron inner shell. Because of which the Earth’s magnetic field and gravitational force are formed. This happens because of the rotation of the center in one direction. What will happen if this rotation stops for some time and then reverses in the other direction? Will there be terrible earthquakes on the earth? Gravitational power will end. The magnetic field will reverse.

In fact, scientists and seismologists together have found out that the earth’s core is preparing to change its rotation direction. Before that he will take a break. That means rotation will stop. A report has been published regarding this in Nature Geoscience. The rotation of the center of the earth determines the stability of the upper surfaces. But its rotation changes after about 70 years. Now the same change is about to happen. The center of the earth is preparing to change the direction of its rotation.

Earth's Inner Core

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Hearing this, it may seem that the earth will explode. Doomsday will come. but it’s not like that. Stopping this rotation for a few seconds and changing it in the other direction will not affect the health of the earth. This is a model that scientists have made after a lot of study. So that they can understand the relation of the center of the earth with the rest of the world. Seismologist Dr. Jiaodong Song of Beijing-based Peking University said that there is a planet (inner center) inside our planet, so it is necessary to know its rotation.

Know when the center of the earth was discovered

In the year 1936, Dutch seismologist Inge Lehmann discovered that the Earth’s liquid outer core is wrapped around a solid metal ball. That is, around the inner core. Since then the center of the Earth has puzzled scientists. John Vidale, a seismologist at the University of Southern California, says that it is a very strange phenomenon that a ball of hot iron is moving in the center of the earth.

Earth's Inner Core

Nuclear tests and earthquakes shook the center

According to the age of the earth, the phenomenon of this center cooling slightly and crystallizing is only a few crore years old. The center of the earth cannot be read easily. It is also difficult to take samples from there. But the waves emanating from earthquakes and nuclear tests done during the Cold War have been affecting the center of the Earth. He also gets to know about it, as well as helps in studying the changes taking place.

The rotation of the Earth’s core is a big puzzle

Scientists estimate that this ball made of iron and nickel revolving around hot iron means the center is about 2011 kilometers long. It is as hot as the surface of the Sun. In the 90s, Dr. Song was one of the first scientists who said that the center of the Earth is rotating. That too at different speeds. While this is not the case on the surface of the earth. Since then, many scientists of the world have collected evidence that the center rotates at different speeds, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Earth's Inner Core

Why is the Earth’s inner core important?

Why does the center rotate? Dr. Song told that the reason behind this is the pressure created by the outer core over the inner core. The liquid outer core keeps pulling the solid iron towards itself. The waves emanating from this shake the mantle. Due to which powerful gravity is created. This force slows down the rotation of the inner core. According to Dr. Song’s study, due to the battle between the outer and inner core, the direction of rotation of the center changes every 70 years.

Center takes a break every 70 years

You can understand it like this. Suppose in the beginning of 1970 the inner core was not rotating as compared to the surface of the earth. But slowly it starts moving in the east direction. Its speed also starts increasing. At speeds higher than surface speed. But then its speed starts decreasing. Inner Core takes a break from 2009 to 2011. small The speed drops drastically. stops. Then it slowly starts rotating in the west direction as compared to the surface.

Now according to this, the inner core will again start moving towards the east around the year 2040. That is, the interruption and change in the rotation between the east and west direction of the earth will come after 17 years from today. Yes, there will be no holocaust due to this. But mild earthquake tremors can start on the earth. For this reason, there is a difference of a few milliseconds in the time of day every six years.