Bihar Viral Boy Sahil Kumar poetry Jageer Video bihari naa kehna kavita TSTF

Bihar Viral Boy Sahil Kumar poetry Jageer Video bihari naa kehna kavita TSTF

‘Look, we will speak R and R, but don’t call it our helplessness, we belong to Bihar but don’t call us Bihari. Because there is such a situation in the society, being a Bihari has become an abuse…’ These lines are making headlines on social media. The name of the young man who wrote this is Sahil Kumar. Sahil, 23, is originally from Nalanda district of Bihar. Through his poem, he has targeted the thinking of those people who look at the word Bihari with an inferiority complex.

Everyone is praising the simplicity in which Sahil has described Bihar and Bihari identity in his video. His video is going viral on social media. It has got crores of views on different platforms. Many famous people have also shared his video.

Sahil has titled his poem ‘Jagir’ and in this he has explained the meaning of being a Bihari. He wrote this in 2018. But now it is going viral. Watch his video-

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In a conversation with, Sahil told that he comes from a normal family. Father runs a fast food shop in Delhi. He shifted from Bihar to Delhi two decades ago. There is mother, elder sister and a younger brother in the house. His studies have been done in Delhi only.

At present, Sahil has completed his graduation and aspires to become a film writer in the future. Sahil says- Art and writing have given me identity. I see a career in this field in the future as well.

The story behind ‘Jagir’

Describing about his poem titled ‘Jagir’, Sahil says- On the question of a friend, I described myself as a resident of Delhi. But he asked where are you actually from, so I said that my parents are from Bihar and I am from Delhi. But this thing kept nagging in my heart. Later it took the form of a poem.

Sahil Kumar

Sahil says that first of all we have to accept our identity, our identity, our culture. Only then will there be a change. Because change starts with ourselves. We have to proudly say – Yes, we are from Bihar.

On the question of getting out of a small town and achieving a position, he says – there is a problem in everyone’s life, it is all a part of life. But one has to overcome them by fighting. There is still a lot to be achieved. On the other hand, on the question of poverty, Sahil said – it teaches us a lot. It also teaches you how to live when you have money.

Video going viral on social media

Currently, Sahil’s video is going viral on social media. Recently, his video was also tweeted by famous IAS officer Avnish Sharan. He wrote in the caption of the video – ‘Dil se nikli baat’. It has been seen more than two and a half lakh times so far.

Mentalist Suhani Shah has shared Sahil’s video. He wrote in its caption – This country belongs to all. What a great write up. Listen, understand and give some love.