Black, Yellow and Red…the color code of ‘Peshi’ in Dhirendra Shastri’s divine court; Appointment Process – Bageshwar Dham Dhirendra Shastri durbar appointments process is color coded in chhatarpur mp lcln

Black, Yellow and Red...the color code of 'Peshi' in Dhirendra Shastri's divine court; Appointment Process - Bageshwar Dham Dhirendra Shastri durbar appointments process is color coded in chhatarpur mp lcln

Hardly anyone in the country has remained untouched by the name and work of Saint Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of Bageshwar Dham. The number of people coming from all over the country and the world is increasing in the Bageshwar Dham located in Chhatarpur (Madhya Pradesh) of this young saint who is a storyteller and allegedly knows people’s mind. Now everyone wants to know that after all, for Dhirendra Shastri’s ‘Divya Darbar’, muscle or say how to get an appointment? Where, like the viral videos on social media, Shastri tells the problem and solution after knowing his mind. Now let us tell you that the Bageshwar Dham of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri is located near Garha village, about 30 kilometers away from the Chhatarpur district headquarters of Madhya Pradesh.

During Shastri’s ‘Divya Darbar’, there is an arrangement to take a token to meet him at the Dham. The applicant has to enter all the information related to him like name, father’s name, address and mobile number etc. in the box kept in the premises of this Dham. Then the Dham team contacts those applicants they want to call and asks them to come on a fixed date to attend the darbar. For this, some people stay there for many days, while some return to their homes and go to Bageshwar Dham on receiving a call.

The special thing is that this process of appointment is color coded. Means people desirous of meeting Shastri have to keep a coconut in a red cloth, in a yellow cloth for marriage related matters and in a black cloth for troubled spirits.

Within a few years, the number of devotees coming from every corner of the country and the world has increased a lot. At this place, Hanuman devotee Dhirendra Shastri used to recite ‘Ram Katha’ and by setting up a divine court, would write down the thoughts of the devotees on a piece of paper without asking them. But now, apart from Dham, other states and countries have also started hearing his stories and courts, due to which it cannot be decided now that till when the application will be presented to the devotee. Please inform that the schedule of Shastri’s stories for the next 2 years has been fixed.

These days, wherever Shastri recites stories, he chooses anyone from the crowd of devotees and tells him about the past and the future. He claims that he gets the inspiration to do this from inside and Hanuman ji makes him do so.

Interestingly, Dhirendra Krishna Shastri also said that he never claimed to have performed miracles. Shastri says, I am only propagating Sanatan Dharma, which is my right under the constitution. I only pray to my God to help those in distress. People spread chadars and light candles. Why is it not considered irrational?

Glory of ‘Bageshwar Dham Mahayantra’

There is also a website of Bageshwar Dham which provides all the services for the devotees. Even to get rid of poverty. A ‘Bageshwar Dham Mahayantra’ is sold here. It is claimed that the Mahayantra has been invoked by many Brahmins and that it will benefit those who work very hard, yet have no money.

‘Entire childhood spent in penance’

Talking to Aajtak, Bageshwar Peethadhishwar had said, “I am not an ascetic, but my entire childhood was spent in penance. Recited Hanuman Chalisa since childhood. Experienced what Guruji told. Wept sitting at the feet of Hanuman ji. Its result is that today the flag of Sanatan Dharma is being buried everywhere.