Corona attack continues in the world… Will there be a need for the fourth dose in India? The expert gave this answer – Corona attack continues in world need for fourth dose in India expert answer ntc

Corona attack continues in the world... Will there be a need for the fourth dose in India? The expert gave this answer - Corona attack continues in world need for fourth dose in India expert answer ntc

Even now the news of corona attack is coming in the world. Meanwhile, the question has started to arise whether the fourth dose of corona will be required in India. On this question, Dr. Raman Gangakhedkar, former head of epidemiology and communicable diseases at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), said that looking at the existing evidence about the corona virus and its variants, there is currently no need to take the fourth dose of the corona vaccine in India. are not needed.

He said- “Looking at the existing evidence (variants of the virus), it is not that great that there is any need for a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. There are several reasons for this. He said that if a person has taken anti-Covid-19 If the third dose of the vaccine is taken, it means that its T-cell immune response has been trained three times.

“The core virus (of Covid) hasn’t changed enough to require a new vaccine, so try and rely on our T-cell immune response,” he said. However, he said that the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases should continue to take precautions like wearing masks.

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He said that the fourth dose should still be considered because if a new variant comes, it will not be from the SARS-COV2 family. It could be a completely new variant and when it comes, we will think about it as our genomic surveillance is still going on. No need to be worried anymore.

Country’s first nasal vaccine will be launched on January 26

The first Indian intranasal Kovid vaccine will be launched on 26 January. The company’s Chairman and Managing Director Krishna Ella said on Saturday that indigenous vaccine maker Bharat Biotech will launch the first intranasal Kovid-19 vaccine of its kind in India on 26 January. Interacting with students at the India International Science Festival in Bhopal, Ella also informed that Lumpy-Provind, the domestic vaccine for lumpy dermatitis in cattle, is likely to be launched next month.

The Central Government had approved Bharat Biotech’s Nasal vaccine on 23 December 2022 amid increasing cases of corona virus worldwide. This vaccine can be used as a booster dose. Initially, the nasal vaccine will be available in private hospitals. The government has also included this vaccine in India’s Kovid 19 vaccination program. Earlier, the Drug Controller General of India, DCGI, had approved Bharat Biotech’s Intranasal Covid vaccine for emergency use.

produces an immune response directly in the mucosa

Most of the viruses including corona enter the body through the mucosa. Mucosa is a sticky substance found in the nose, lungs, digestive system. The nasal vaccine produces an immune response directly in the mucosa, while the muscular vaccine is unable to do so. In an interview to India Today, Dr. Randeep Guleria, former director of AIIMS, had also told that the nasal vaccine is better because it is easier to apply and it creates immunity in the mucosa itself, which can prevent infection at the very beginning.

People above 18 years of age can take dose

This vaccine will be administered only to people of 18 years or above. Vaccination is also going on for the children of 12 to 17 years, but they cannot get it done. The second thing is that it will be applied as a booster dose. Means, those who have got two doses done, only they can get this vaccine. However, it has also got the approval of the primary vaccine. That is, even if you have not taken any vaccine, you can get it installed. However, vaccination of almost the entire population has been done in India. But still a large population has not taken the booster dose. According to the Covin portal, more than 95.11 crore people have taken two doses in the country. But only 22 crore people have got booster dose.