Crematoriums everywhere. Painful stories buried in the debris, how much the Russia-Ukraine war has changed in one year – Why Russia war in Ukraine today is so different from a year ago NTC

Crematoriums everywhere. Painful stories buried in the debris, how much the Russia-Ukraine war has changed in one year - Why Russia war in Ukraine today is so different from a year ago NTC

The Russia-Ukraine war is soon going to be one year old. Last year on February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine. But this war in Russia is completely different from the one a year ago. Russia attacked Kyiv on February 2022 with the intention of a change of power in Ukraine. But soon Russia saw this dream falling apart and it became clear that Ukraine would not give up arms so easily.

It seems that Putin has either completely ignored the continuous reforms in the Ukrainian army or he was not made aware of it at all. Despite all this, during the first week of the war, the Russian army made significant advances in eastern Ukraine. But soon the progress of Russia stopped and this war turned into a war which continues unabated.

In the midst of all this, the army of Ukraine started taking back its lost areas in 2022. But at the moment the pace of Ukraine has stopped. Neither Russia nor Ukraine has got a decisive edge in the war so far. Despite the estimates of many Western observers, the Russian army in Ukraine has not yet been defeated and there are no visible signs of such.

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At the same time, Ukrainian cities are turning into rubble. Scenes of cremation grounds are visible everywhere. In such a situation, how much this war has changed in the last one year. It is important to know this.

redeployment of Russian army

Russia’s attack on northern Ukraine was undoubtedly its defeat, which was later stopped. Because of this, Russia again deployed its forces in Eastern Ukraine.

This had its effects on the retreat of the Russian army from the Kherson area in southern Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine with a very small army, which made it impossible to wage a full-scale war there. Although Putin has not accepted for many months that his so-called military operation in Ukraine is a war. But now he is saying so. This acceptance greatly strengthened the Russian army in Ukraine. By sending reserve soldiers into battle, the Russian army received more human resources than before. These reserve soldiers of Russia have been deployed in eastern Ukraine, where they are present on the frontline.

The Russian offensive is now mainly focused on securing the remaining areas of Donetsk and Luhansk. Now securing that area is the main justification for this attack.

changed the course of the war

At present, Russia is not able to move fast in the Bakhmut area of ​​Donbass. It is moving in a limited way, which is in many ways analogous to the Russian army.

At the beginning of the war, there were problems with the command and control of the Russian troops. They are now reduced in limited scope with the operation of the army. Generally less experienced and lacking extensive training, Russia’s reservists today are better suited to more limited and methodical tasks. Russian forces have extensive experience in fighting with cannons.

Western countries and NATO support Ukraine

Despite the setback Russia has faced, some polls suggest that the Russian population still supports the country in the Ukraine war. This public support is very important for the Russian soldiers fighting the war in Ukraine.

On the other hand, Ukraine has the full support of Western and NATO countries. The situation is that western countries have mobilized against Russia. Many Russians believe that Crimea is an integral part of Russia and that Western countries are on the side of Ukraine’s efforts to re-occupy Crimea. However, as the Russia-Ukraine war progresses, both sides will be short of manpower and resources. On the one hand, a handful of allies like Iran and North Korea will side with Russia, while the NATO alliance will stand behind Ukraine.

long war potential

Both Russia and Ukraine have the capability to prolong this war. With the help of Western countries, on the basis of modern Western weapons, the army of Ukraine will be very strong in a short period of time. But issues of training, maintenance and supply of vehicles will complicate this.

If the war continues like this, there is every possibility that it will not be decisive for either side. Although, there can be temporary benefit to any party, but it will not be beneficial for anyone in the long term. It is sad that in the absence of dialogue, this bloodshed may continue for some more time.