Dang views 5.92 percent of the ballots as illegitimate

Dang Election Update

In the House of Representatives (HoR) election, Dang, a district in the Lumbini Province, reported 5.92 percent invalid votes, followed by 4.77 percent in the Province Assembly election.

Dang Election Update

The dual elections’ voting day was November 20.

It has been determined that a notable number of invalid votes were cast in the district, which includes three HoR seats and six PA constituencies, due to a lack of adequate voter education.

In the most recent local elections on May 30, 12% of the ballots were partially invalid and 3% were completely invalid.

Compared to the HoR polls, there were more illegitimate votes cast in the PA elections. 14,709 votes out of a possible total of 11,833 did not match the requirements for authenticity.