Foreign girl fell in love with an Indian boy left her country and came to India tsty

Foreign girl fell in love with an Indian boy left her country and came to India tsty

A Brazilian girl and an Indian boy met in China. Both fell in love, but then the couple returned to their respective countries. After this, both of them started a long distance relationship by staying in different timezones. Now the couple has started living together and has shared their love story.

The couple says that they will get married when the right time comes. At present, the focus of both is on career. This couple has celebrated their first anniversary a few days back.

Sahil is from India and his girlfriend Maria is from Brazil. Sahil told that Maria and he are models by profession. How was the first meeting? On this, Sahil told that he had gone to China in connection with modeling, Maria was also in China. In the evening he went to a restaurant, where he first saw Maria. Sahil said that it was 17 October 2021.

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Sahil laughed and said- ‘Maria had gone mad after seeing me, she had never seen a boy like me’. Our conversation started only after this meeting at the restaurant. Sahil said that it was my birthday on 26 October. We both met on this day also, after that we both came closer to each other.

After meeting in China, both of us came to our respective countries. Sahil admitted that there was a lot of trouble while living in a long distance relationship. When it was day in Brazil, it was night in India. For once, they even thought of leaving each other.

Sahil said that Maria has decided that she will come to India. She came on 15 May 2022 and went back after five days on 20 May 2022. Maria said that she had many misconceptions about India. But after coming here all the confusions were removed.

After some time Sahil told Maria that he wanted to introduce her to his parents. After this Maria again came to Delhi and met Sahil’s parents. Sahil’s family members were also very happy to see Maria. Sahil said that he had first introduced Maria to his grandmother. Sahil said that his family members praised her beauty a lot after seeing Maria.

When Maria’s father was surprised
Sahil told that he is in a living relationship with Maria. They will also marry each other when the right time comes. Sahil said that he would be the first person in his family to have a girlfriend. Sahil said that he had to convince the family a lot for living relationship with Maria.

Sahil said that when he met Maria’s father, he could not believe that he does not smoke or drink alcohol.