Government from Lottery, Right to Brain Privacy…12 thoughts from my 5 days in Davos – Switzerland WEF Davos diary neural signatures new oil for India by Kalli purie ntc

Government from Lottery, Right to Brain Privacy...12 thoughts from my 5 days in Davos - Switzerland WEF Davos diary neural signatures new oil for India by Kalli purie ntc
Aditya Chaudhary

Davos: A city in Switzerland where you come for big meetings with very little time. We can also say this that here we come for ‘speed dating’ with high net worth. Where we see people of different views on the same footing. Then whether it is communist or capitalist.

In this meeting of the world’s most powerful people, only a handful of people from all over the world are part of this whole crowd. That is, about one percent of the world’s people, and sometimes even less, are stressing on how to make the world better and fairer. Switzerland has been witnessing such meetings wrapped in the promise of betterment of the world for a long time.

But if I say it in my own words, then for me this journey was full of mixed feelings like joy, enthusiasm and sorrow. Davos is a place where you can freely express your views regardless of race, subject and age. In such a situation, this time during my walkthrough in the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), 12 such thoughts came to my mind. Although all these thoughts arose in my mind at different times, but now they are being written together here…

1. Election of government through lottery

At a time when political systems seem to be failing with elections all over the world, I find the idea of ​​choosing a government through a lottery very attractive. Elected governments can weaken the layer of democracy by hollowing out institutions. Selecting a time-bound government through lottery can be a good way to form a successful government. Because I believe that due to being time-bound, such governments will pay more attention to the public and governance instead of paying more attention to themselves.

(L-R) India Today Group Vice Chairperson Kali Puri, India Today Group Chairperson Arun Puri and India Today TV News Director Rahul Kanwal

2. New Fundamental Right: Right to Brain Privacy

Your mind is your most private and most free place, where no outside force can intrude. But is it still true? Most people are comfortable wearing or carrying a device that can record their personal activities. Now such new devices are coming in the market, which can measure the activity of the brain and present the matrix of the brain. It can read your brain for alertness and productivity.

In an era of ever-increasing brain-machine interfaces, the liberty to think for oneself and think for oneself (cognitive liberty) may be at risk. That’s why it should be made a part of the Human Rights Charter. This will ensure that biometrics is a force that does not oppress but liberates. Somewhere in the midst of all this, it is also certain that neural signatures (patterns of neural activity associated with a particular task or situation) will prove to be the coin of the future.

3. Stop Counting the Troubles

We all live in a world where many difficulties are facing us at the same time. In such a situation, it needs a solution that fits in every dimension. Although journalism cannot solve global problems, it apparently cannot be solved without journalism either.

I believe that many capitalists are cowards looking for a safe place to sit, but we need to practice conscious capitalism by moving with the times. We also have to look at the era of transition where people are moving from coal to solar, analog to digital and humans to bots.

4. The Best Advice That Changed the Face of the Company

The best way to improve things within your company is to put your plan out in front of the world. This will also put a moral responsibility on you to complete it and give you the way to do it right. In such a situation, this method will end the internal tussle and all will work together towards achieving a common goal.

While prioritizing among all these, choose those things which are at the level of ‘impossible’. Although during this time it will seem like a big goal, but it can be achieved.

5. Re-humanise

The combination of corona, smartphones and social media has increased the trend of isolation, especially among teenagers. Human qualities are disappearing in our today’s youth. These human qualities have to be increased again in the youth. It needs to be explained that they don’t have to live with fakeness forever in real life.

6. Artificial Intelligence: Good, Bad or Ugly

In order for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be programmed correctly, we now need values ​​that we all agree on. AI is engulfing us at a digital pace. Who has squeezed billions of hours of PhD into one year.

Although this is an unprecedented leap of science. Technology needs to keep pace with the pace of change. Laws that take years to make lose their importance in a matter of minutes with the advent of technology.

We must make AI transparent, accountable and auditable. Artificial intelligence also provides massive amounts of misinformation, including hacking of biocodes. AI sometimes presents such things, which do not exist, so there is a need to constantly monitor it.

7. Ukraine: Superpower vs. ‘Will’

You may have the weapons and the strategy, but the rarest thing is the will, and Ukraine has done it. Every war ends at the negotiating table. No one completely loses or wins a war. The sooner we speak up, the more lives we can save. So the question is, if we end the war fast, how many lives will be saved?

8. A New Leader!

This world has seen a leader who is young, courageous, most importantly she is a woman and she is not ashamed of being a human being. I saw all this in the session of Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. She looked more like a rockstar than a prime minister of any country. He spoke clearly on many matters. He said that do not pay attention to personality, pay attention to the issue.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin at Davos 2023 Summit

9. Greenwash

The term greenwash refers to when companies in the ESG sector do not use ethically legal product policies. Their main objective is to earn big profits by throwing dust in their eyes. These efforts of his are actually just a hogwash, that is, nonsense in a way. It is also a return to the idea that the world is being brainwashed on the dangers of climate change.

10. Engineers the new wealth of India

To give a boost to the economy of India, it has the most invaluable heritage Engineers. India has the best resources in the world in the form of engineers. What oil matters to Saudi Arabia, Engineers are of the same importance to India. It is clear how Indian engineers are helping to make a difference as CEOs of top companies and founders of new startups.

From where we look at things today, perspective matters. Where the western countries are satisfied that they are not facing a big recession, India is unhappy that its growth rate is only 6 percent.

11. Vishwaguru

The mental health industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry. India has the potential to play a big role in this industry. India can play a great guiding role here by offering its ancient knowledge in the field of yoga and meditation for the betterment of the world mentally.

India Today Group Vice Chairperson Kali Puri at Davos 2023 with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

12. Dark Matter

This picture taken from the James Webb Space Telescope attracted the attention of the world. The things that shine in this picture are not important, but the dark matter present between these lights attracts attention and we need to learn the most about this.

Image taken from the James Webb Space Telescope

Taste of India with Masala Chai and Hot Samosas

Indian lounge serving samosas and masala chai at Davos conference

The most important thing among all these things, India’s stall dominated in Davos. Masala Chai and piping hot samosas were being served here in the Indian lounge. There were lounges of Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Maharashtra here. Tata Tea had also set up a stall here where tea was being served to people shivering in the snow. Cutting tea has never been a better welcome than this!!!