Government’s emphasis on the maintenance of historical monuments of the country through ‘Monument Mitra’, know the complete strategy

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Government's emphasis on the maintenance of historical monuments of the country through 'Monument Mitra', know the complete strategy
Aditya Chaudhary

New Delhi: Our country is very rich in terms of archeology and culture. For the maintenance and protection of this rich heritage, the government is taking the help of private participation under the ‘Monument Mitra’ scheme, but in the coming days, the government has now planned to take the scheme to a larger level. Actually, private companies or partners in this scheme adopt a monument of historical importance. After that he not only takes care of that monument but also provides better facilities for the tourists in terms of tourism. The best example of this scheme is the Red Fort in Delhi, where a lot of work has been done.

Actually, the Monument Mitra project has been started to give new life to tourism and historical monuments. Under this, arrangements have been made to adopt only the monuments that come under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The Ministry of Culture has planned to adopt about one thousand monuments of historical importance and decide Monument Mitra under this scheme. Around 400-500 monuments can be adopted this year. Soon the ministry is going to hold a meeting with the stake holders regarding this. This information was given by Culture Secretary Govind Mohan. He said that there will be a meeting with interested private companies on coming January 31, in which the government will take forward the negotiation plan on all the aspects related to it.

On the basis of this conversation, the government will finalize the various points related to the scheme and make public the draft of its outline by February 15, so that the interested parties can come forward. Broadly speaking, the Monument Mitra will have to work on three points in the adoption process of the monument – ​​maintenance of the monument, taking care of the basic amenities and needs for the tourists or visitors, and providing historical information about the monument.
To prepare a light and sound show depicting the importance. In the second phase, the government is going to make some changes in it.

So far only one private company can adopt any monument. But now more than one for example two or three companies can also adopt any monument if needed. Different tasks or points associated with the monument may also be awarded to different participants. On the other hand, in this scheme of the second phase, the government may also consider a plan for change regarding the duration of the agreement with Monument Mitra. At present any private partner adopts the monument for three years. The extension of this period can also be discussed in the meeting with the stake holders, which can be extended with mutual consent.