Guru Chandal Yog 2023: Very inauspicious yoga of Guru Rahu these zodiac signs OR RASHIYAN should be careful tlifdg

Guru Chandal Yog 2023: Very inauspicious yoga of Guru Rahu these zodiac signs OR RASHIYAN should be careful tlifdg

Guru Chandal Yog 2023: According to astrology, there is a change in the movement of planets from time to time. This changing movement of planets is considered very important. But the transit of some planets is considered very fruitful. One of them is Devguru Brihaspati. Jupiter means the master of wisdom, knowledge, religion etc. When the Jupiter becomes debilitated in the horoscope of the person, then the person starts doing the opposite of all these. On the other hand, because of Rahu, a person gets pulled towards immoral acts, illegal acts, gambling, intoxication, betting. In such a situation, if Guru Chandal Yog is formed in the horoscope of a person, then Rahu destroys the influence of Guru and takes the person completely under his influence. In such a situation, Guru Chandal Yoga always gives bad results to the native.

When is Guru Chandal Yoga being formed in the year 2023?

This year 23 April 2023, Sunday is going to become Guru Chandal Yoga. On this day Devguru Jupiter will enter Aries. The fierce planet Rahu will already be sitting in this zodiac and it will remain in this zodiac till 30 October. That is, this yoga will remain for the next 06 months, which will affect the country and the world as well. The people in whose zodiac this yoga will be formed. Those people will also have to be careful for the next 6 months.

Which people have to be careful

1. Aries

Guru Chandal Yoga is being created in Aries ascendant only. Due to which the people of Aries may have to bear some troubles. There may be a possibility of spoiling in external relations. This time is very good for those who are associated with the political field. Health has to be taken care of.

2. Taurus

Do not do any work related to investment during this period. There can be a decline in the economic situation. Will have to deal with family problems. There will be a lack of happiness.

3. Gemini

Unnecessary enemies can harm Gemini people. Siblings may have to face health related problems. This time can be a bit difficult for people associated with business and politics.

4. Cancer

Cancerians may have problems related to money. There has to be restraint on speech. There can be trouble from the enemy. Luck’s support will be less.

5. Lion

There can be obstruction in the work being done. There can be a clash between the brothers. Due to which mental stress will increase. There may be a decrease in health.

6. Virgo

Care has to be taken in external relations. Be careful traveling at this time. Discord may increase in the family. Walk away from debate.

7. Libra

There will be a shortage in the means of income. There will be a possibility of estrangement from elder brothers. Money will come from unethical works.

8. Scorpio

There can be obstacles in the field of politics. May have to face loss in business. There may be trouble in the job.

9. Sagittarius

Luck will decrease. More interest in religious work will increase. Family trouble can happen.

10. Capricorn

be in good shape. Be careful in external relations. Might decrease. There can be obstacles from the enemy.

11. Aquarius

There will be no good effect on daily business. The possibility of estrangement and debate with friends may increase. There may be a decrease in income. There can be loss in the stock market.

12. Pisces

You may have to face obstacles in the enemy side. You may have to face defeat in court cases. Special care has to be taken of the health of the parents.

What measures should be taken in Guru Chandal Yoga?

1. A person having Guru Chandal Yoga should apply turmeric and saffron tilak on his forehead daily. This makes the Guru strong.
2. Whenever you take a decision, respect the decisions of your elders and listen to them carefully. Have faith in your decisions as well.
3. Worship Lord Ganesha and Mother Saraswati regularly.
4. Chant Gayatri Mantra 108 times every morning with turmeric garland.
5. Offer milk to Lord Bholenath for the whole week.