Had there not been a weekly-off, it would have got an Oscar, talk of that film on the pretext of RRR, which is discussed every year

Had there not been a weekly-off, it would have got an Oscar, talk of that film on the pretext of RRR, which is discussed every year

There is curiosity in everyone’s mind about the world’s most prestigious film Oscar award. So far, only selected films related to India or its subjects have received Oscar awards. On the evening of January 24, the nominations for the foreign language films that won the Oscars were announced. ‘Chhello Show’ has been sent from India for the Best International Film category. But according to the announcement of the Oscar Academy, this film could not make it to the top-5 foreign language films. It certainly happened that the song ‘Naatu-Naatu’ from the film ‘RRR’ has got a nomination for the Original Music category. Apart from this, two documentaries have also been kept in the nomination category for the awards.

But, today we are not talking about this year’s Oscar Awards and the films sent in it. Today we are talking about a film which is more than 60 years old. It was the first Indian film to be officially sent from India to the Oscars. There is also a misfortune associated with that film. That film missed winning the Oscar by only one vote. The story of this all-time classic getting one vote less is no less interesting. Voting for the film took place on Sunday and that day is usually a holiday in foreign countries. Due to this weekly-off, not all the members of the jury reached to see that film and voting was done only among those who did. In this voting, that ‘unfortunate’ Indian film got one vote less than the rival film.

Story of making of Mother India
Well, let’s leave this story here today and talk about the story of the making of that historical film. Nargis, who was a superstar actress of her era, played the role of an old mother in ‘Mother India’. The director and producer of the film was Mehboob Khan. Mehboob had mortgaged his house and everything for this film. Made in about two and a half years from 1955 to 1957, it took Rs 30 lakh to make this film. Many incidents happened during the shooting of the film. Once there was a fire on the set and Nargis was engulfed in it. He was saved by Sunil Dutt risking his life. However, during this both of them were also slightly scorched.

Sunil Dutt became Nargis’s son in Mother India
The story of Mother India is very touching. An Indian woman’s happy family becomes impoverished due to a flood. During that time the woman’s husband leaves the house. Then his son Birju becomes a goon to avenge his mother’s insult, whom she later shoots herself. Nargis has played the role of a poor woman named Radha in this film. Rajendra Kumar played the role of Radha’s elder son, while Sunil Dutt played the role of younger son Birju. Both came close during the shooting of the film and then both got married. This was 60 years back from today. At that time, Nargis had married Sunil Dutt, breaking the wall of religion.

Dilip Kumar turned down the offer
The producer of the film Mother India was director Mehboob Khan. Superstar Dilip Kumar of that time worked in many of his films. While casting the cast for Mother India, Mehboob Khan wanted Dilip Kumar, whose original name was Yusuf Khan, to play both Radha’s husband and elder son. For this, he requested Dilip Kumar many times, but later Dilip Kumar categorically refused. This whole incident has been mentioned by Anita Padhye in her book titled ‘Dus Classics’. Later, after the success of Mother India, it was said that Dilip Kumar missed out and could not fulfill his best friend’s friendship.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 24, 2023, 16:01 IST