Himalaya TV to broadcast FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022 in Nepal

Himalaya TV to broadcast World Cup 2022
Aditya Chaudhary

All the matches of the World Cup Qatar 2022 will be telecast on Himalaya Television HD. Net TV and Vinenet have signed an agreement for World Cup broadcast so far.

Shyam Kandel, executive director of Himalaya Television, said that preparations have been started to broadcast the games on two channels from Himalaya Television.

“Showing big content like the World Cup is a big opportunity for television itself,” said Kandel, the executive director of television.

Himalaya TV to broadcast World Cup 2022

He also said that there is an agreement between the media hub and the cable distributor to share the additional fees paid by the customers and the income from advertisements and Himalaya Television will not charge any fees.

This time, after FIFA gave exclusive broadcasting rights to South Asian countries with geo-lock, foreign channels will not be allowed to show matches in Nepal. World Cup matches can be watched only from Nepali channels authorized by FIFA. The broadcasting rights of Nepal have been purchased by Media Hub.

Omprasad Dhital, president of Media Hub, says that due to exclusive rights, the price of football rights for Nepal is 6 times more expensive than the previous time. According to Dhital, this time he had to pay more than 25 crore rupees for the broadcast rights alone. He said that if technical and other expenses are added, it will cost more than 42 crore rupees.

Customers have to pay 500 rupees to watch the World Cup!

If you have NETTV Subscription via any ISP, You can purchase a world cup package channel named “Himalaya Premium 1” and “Himalaya Premium 2” which costs around Rs. 565.

Dhital informed the media that the World Cup is going to be shown on the ‘Pay Per View’ model this time because they had to invest heavily in getting exclusive rights in Nepal so that it could not be seen on foreign channels. “During the previous World Cup, foreign channels used to show, MSOs and cable distributors of Nepal had to pay billions of rupees to buy their packages. This time, why should we give them to foreign channels, we have taken exclusive rights thinking that we will work on the pay model ourselves,” Dhital said. You have added enthusiasm.’

Dhital says that big sports content like the World Cup is very expensive, so it is difficult to raise the cost of advertising alone, so in recent days, it has started to be broadcast on a pay-per-match basis in all countries. In that case, only those who want to watch the World Cup will subscribe and those who don’t want to watch it will not be burdened with additional fees, he says.

Media Hub has already invited television signal distribution companies who want to show the World Cup in Nepal. Net TV and Vinenet have signed an agreement for World Cup broadcast so far. Dhital informed us that intensive talks are being held with MSOs and IPTV service providers such as Dishome, Subisu, etc. and an agreement will be reached soon.

“We are trying to work with all the MSOs and cable companies,” Dhital said, “Let’s make this opportunity to make the Nepali television industry and advertising market viable together.”

According to Media Hub, viewers who want to watch the World Cup can become customers by talking to their cable distributors or service providers.

Since 1998, Media Hub has been continuously taking the right to broadcast the World Cup in Nepal. Dhital said that this time, they are going to collaborate with various stakeholders of the television industry to work on a new model.