Husband brings second wife home, Sitara Yasin narrates pain in video

Husband brings second wife home, Sitara Yasin narrates pain in video

Sitara Yasin is a famous YouTuber from Pakistan and she has shared her emotional story on her channel. Sitara’s husband has done two marriages. She has mentioned her husband’s second wife in many of her videos. In a video, he has told why he is facing problems when his second wife comes home. At the beginning of a video, she tells what people say. Sitara says that people have told her that your husband is not only yours. She looks very emotional in this video. However, the thing to note is that the age of Sitara’s husband seems to be much more than her.

millions of subscribers on youtube

Millions of people like Sitara’s videos. Many videos of Sitara have gone viral in which she has shared her family life. In a video, she tells that her husband brings his second wife home to live with them, which adds to their difficulties. Sitara says that she tried hard to be together but it is difficult. Sitara tells her story on her YouTube channel. He has more than 8 lakh subscribers. She says that she is the first wife of her husband. There he also goes to live with his second wife.

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In her video, she tells why she wants her step-daughter not to live with her. Sitara also has more than one lakh followers on Instagram. She shares her photos and videos here. On YouTube channel, he has posted vlogs ranging from getting the relationship confirmed to getting married. However, in other videos, Sitara is seen adjusting her life with her husband’s second wife.