‘I will do whatever I want’, Shraddha said on Aftab’s question, know the story of the whole day of the murder

'I will do whatever I want', Shraddha said on Aftab's question, know the story of the whole day of the murder
Aditya Chaudhary

Shraddha Walker Murder Case: Delhi Police united day and night in the investigation of Shraddha Walker Murder Case. Then within the stipulated time i.e. in 75 days, a charge sheet of more than 6 thousand pages was filed in the court. During this, the story also came to the fore that what happened on the day of the incident i.e. May 18? What happened that day between Shraddha and Aftab that he killed his lover. Not only had he committed the murder, but also mercilessly cut his dead body into pieces. Let’s know the story of that day.

Before we tell you the truth of May 18, 2022, first know what happened just a day before the incident. Actually Shraddha and Aftab met through a social and dating app Bumble. After this both of them came close to each other and then both started living together. After some time both of them left Mumbai and came to Delhi. Aftab’s job was also started in Delhi.

17 May 2022
That app was present in Shraddha Walker’s mobile even after coming to Delhi. She still used it. Meanwhile, through that application, he met a person living in Gurugram, Haryana. This was the only person, to meet whom Shraddha was going to Gurugram on 17 May 2022. She had left the house that morning itself. According to the information, Shraddha had gone to Gurugram for the first time to meet that new friend.

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18 May 2022
Shraddha did not return home that evening after going to Gurugram. Aftab was getting worried as to where Shraddha had gone. She was not answering even on the mobile phone. That’s why Aftab was upset throughout the night. But on the second day i.e. on May 18, 2022, at around 11 am, Shraddha returned to Chhatarpur’s flat. The police has also received CCTV footage of May 18, in which Shraddha is seen entering the flat.

As soon as he entered inside the flat, he came across Aftab. He was already angry. On seeing Shraddha, Aftab got angry and asked the question where were you all night? And why didn’t you come back at night?

Shraddha was murdered by strangulation
Shraddha Walker retorted and replied, you mean? I will do whatever I want. After hearing Shraddha’s answer, Aftab became enraged and beat Shraddha. However, after a while both of them became normal. After this, both of them ordered food online. It was already evening, but before having dinner, Aftab once again got angry with Shraddha for not returning at night. Both started fighting. Then Aftab dropped Shraddha down, sat on her chest and strangled her to death.

Dead body wanted to hide in Himachal
According to information received from sources, after killing Shraddha on May 18, Aftab started thinking how and where to dispose of Shraddha’s dead body? After this, he had made a plan to keep the dead body in a bag and take it to Himachal Pradesh. He thought that he would put Shraddha’s dead body in a bag and take it to Himachal and place the dead body there.

Plan was canceled thinking about police checking
After this Aftab bought a big black colored bag worth Rs.1200 and brought it. Aftab also made phone calls to some travel agents to book cabs. But at the same time, Aftab thought that even if he carries the dead body in a bag, there would be checking at various places while going from Delhi to Himachal. Thinking this, Aftab canceled this plan.

The forest was visible from Badri’s roof, the idea came from there
In the same flat of Aftab where Shraddha’s dead body was lying on one side, he kept thinking about the whereabouts of the dead body while sitting there. Only then the same thought came that he used to smoke cigarette on the roof of his friend Badri and the forest was visible from there. Just at that time, Aftab decided that he would cut the dead body into pieces and throw the pieces in the forest.

nails were burnt
After this he arranged for sharp weapons. Aftab then cut the dead body into pieces in the bathroom of the flat the same night. He had cut the dead body into very small pieces, so that if someone finds it, then it would not be easy to identify that those pieces belong to a human being. Not only this, he had burnt the fingers and nails separately. Aftab himself has confessed all this in front of the police.

Kept such faith alive even after death
On the one hand, after killing Shraddha, Aftab kept throwing pieces of her dead body in installments, and on the other hand, he kept Shraddha alive among the people by using Shraddha’s mobile phone. In the investigation, it was found that Aftab was using Shraddha’s mobile phone after Shraddha’s murder. If there was a call on Shraddha’s mobile, Aftab used to receive that call and leave it, Aftab thought that if the murder case is revealed in the coming days and the investigation team searches Shraddha’s mobile, then everyone should know that Shraddha is alive. Was.

Chats and calls made from Shraddha’s mobile
Not only this, Aftab used to call Shraddha’s friends from Shraddha’s mobile and used to keep the mobile phone aside when someone used to receive the call. Delhi Police has also mentioned the case of Mumbai in the charge sheet. The police have told how Aftab used to beat Shraddha mercilessly and had even threatened to kill her once.