iGowise BeiGo X4: No fear of falling, no worries of storage! BeiGo X4 Self balancing electric scooter to be unveiled on January 26 company claims Features like SUV

iGowise BeiGo X4: No fear of falling, no worries of storage! BeiGo X4 Self balancing electric scooter to be unveiled on January 26 company claims Features like SUV

iGowise BeiGo X4 Electric Scooter: New models are constantly being introduced in the electric scooter space. While leading automakers are busy introducing more than one model, startups have made the race even more exciting. Till now there was a war going on between the vehicle manufacturers regarding the driving range, but now the matter has moved forward and new advanced technology based models are being introduced. Meanwhile, Bengaluru-based startup iGowise Mobility is also preparing to launch its new self-balancing electric scooter BeiGo X4 in the market tomorrow i.e. on 26 January. The company is calling it the SUV of electric scooters.

The startup has informed through its social media handle that it will unveil its electric scooter iGowise BeiGo X4 on the occasion of Republic Day. Its pre-booking has also been said to be started soon on the company’s official website. Equipped with fire resistance LifePO4 battery pack, this scooter has three wheels, one wheel at the front and two wheels at the rear. Which help the scooter to maintain balance.

It is important to note here that three wheels have been used for balance. That’s why it is being called a self balancing scooter. Earlier, we had told you about the self balancing scooter of Liger Mobility, which was introduced at the Auto Expo. In the said scooter, Liger Mobility balanced its two-wheel scooter with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and sensors. This is totally different from that.

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iGowise BeiGo X4 Electric Scooter

What’s special about BeiGo X4:

With three wheels and a wide footboard, this electric scooter gives you a comfortable and balanced ride. It is being claimed in the reports that this scooter will give a driving range of up to 150 kilometers in a single charge. Apart from this, you also get 60 liters of boot space, in which you can keep your essentials. Probably because of the balance and storage space, it is being called the SUV of electric scooters.

Apart from this, it also gets a triple disc anti-skid braking system, which not only provides balanced braking even during high speed, but also prevents the scooter from slipping in any emergency. The BeiGo X4 uses twin-wheel integrated power-train technology that enables on-demand self-balancing.

The company says that in traffic, even when going downhill and backwards, it is always a traditional practice to balance with feet. But this is not the case with this scooter, you can stop, turn or park the scooter without even putting your foot down. This scooter is very similar to the special customized two-wheelers you usually see for differently-abled people.

Get these smart features:

The company has given place to many advanced and smart features in this electric scooter. For example, it includes smart BMS, advanced driving assist system (ADAS), collision detection alarm and state-of-the-art technology that detects driving patterns through data. The company plans to incentivize drivers who drive better by tracking their driving patterns and offering cashback and rewards.

What will be the price:

However, it is too early to say anything about the price of this electric scooter before launching, but it is believed that the company can offer this electric scooter between Rs 1 to 1.25 lakh. Apart from this, a warranty of 5 years or 1 lakh kilometers will also be given with the scooter. The company’s manufacturing facility is in Whitefield, Bengaluru, where the scooter will be produced.