india navy tropex, china, pakistan be careful! Indian navy is carrying out a mega war exercise in tropex indian ocean region

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india navy tropex, china, pakistan be careful! Indian navy is carrying out a mega war exercise in tropex indian ocean region
Aditya Chaudhary

New Delhi: Amidst the growing presence of the Chinese Army in the Indian Ocean region, the Indian Navy is conducting a major exercise to test combat readiness in the Indian Ocean region. This includes almost all its strategic assets such as warships, submarines and aircraft. Officials gave this information on Tuesday. He said that under the theatre-level Strategic Readiness Exercise (TROPEX), various combat units of the Navy including destroyers, warships, corvettes, submarines and aircraft are subjected to complex maritime operational deployments.

practice for three months
TROPEX is being organized over a period of three months from January to March. It involves participation of not only all units of the Navy but also assets belonging to the Army, Air Force and Coast Guard. Navy spokesperson Commander Vivek Madhwal said the exercise puts all the combat units of the Navy including destroyers, warships, submarines and aircraft through complex maritime operational deployments. He said that the exercise is being conducted both in harbor and at sea in different phases covering various aspects of combat operations including live firing of weapons.

chance to test combat readiness
“Having grown in scope and complexity over the years, this exercise provides an opportunity to test the combat readiness of the Combined Fleet of the Indian Navy to operate in a multi-layered threat environment,” the official said. “The maritime exercise also facilitates operational level exchanges with the Army, Air Force and Coast Guard, which will further strengthen interoperability and joint operations in a complex environment,” he said. Similarly, the Navy also conducted the Tri-Services Biennial Exercise (AMFEX) 2023 at Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh from 17 to 22 January. The objective of AMPHEX is to provide joint training to various components of the three services in various aspects of operations including cooperation to enhance interoperability.

Cdr Madhwal said, “Exercise AMPHEX-23 was conducted at Kakinada for the first time and was the largest ever coordinated exercise. Several joint operations were conducted during the five-day training program in which a large number of troops participated. The exercise saw participation from a number of tri-services ships including Naval Large Platform Docks (LPDs), Landing Ships and Landing Craft, Marine Commandos (MARCOS), helicopters and aircraft.

More than 900 soldiers took part
The Army participated in the exercise with over 900 troops and was accompanied by special forces, artillery and armored vehicles. IAF’s Jaguar fighter jets and C 130 aircraft also participated in the exercise. Cdr Madhwal said, “Amfex 2023 successfully showcased India’s amphibious military manpower capabilities and showcased the excellent coordination established between the three services to cover the full spectrum of joint operations of the three services Gone.”