Jehanabad Of Love And War: What is the story of ‘Jehanabad’? Jehanabad of love and war real story when naxalite broke jail flee 600 prisoners tmova

Jehanabad Of Love And War: What is the story of 'Jehanabad'? Jehanabad of love and war real story when naxalite broke jail flee 600 prisoners tmova

17 years ago such an incident took place, which created a stir from Bihar to Delhi. On November 13, 2005, in Bihar’s city of Jehanabad, in the darkness of the night, such fireworks of attacks took place that all the houses were hidden, people started trembling. That incident of Naxalite attacks still creates fear in the minds of people. Director Sudhir Mishra has made a web series on this incident, whose name is Jehanabad Love and War.

The trailer of this series based on Real Life Incident was released. The trailer looks tremendous. You will also feel the background of Bihar. The cast of the series is also looking very promising. It will be released on Sony Liv on February 3. But before that let us tell you what happened in Jehanabad? What was the reason behind the commotion that night?

what is jehanabad incident
On November 13, 2005, a war broke out in Jehanabad at 9 o’clock in the night. Naxalites attacked the jail in the small village of Jehanabad in Bihar and helped 372 accused escape from the jail. This was a very famous case of that time. President’s rule was in force in Bihar then, and it was time for elections. The last phase of voting was over. Polling had already taken place in Jehanabad, so the additional police force was shifted to other cities.

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Under this incident of jail break, the Naxalites had killed the security personnel and the prisoners in the jail. About 1000 people occupied Jehanabad Jail within minutes. The number of Naxalites was so much that the policemen engaged in the security of the jail were helpless. There were about 600 prisoners in this jail, out of which several dozen were accomplices of Naxalites. whom they had come to liberate. Then Jehanabad used to be a stronghold of red terror. That’s why the police had made arrests on a large scale here and kept them locked in this jail.

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Naxalites succeeded in their intention

At the same time, casteism was also at its peak. The Naxalites who were lodged in the jail started taking out their comrades. In this affair, all the prisoners were also freed, many of whom either joined the Naxalites, or ran away seeing the opportunity. Naxalites had also killed big leaders in the jail. Along with this, the Naxalites had also announced throughout the city that their fight is with the administration and not with the public, so everyone should stay in their homes. There was commotion in Jehanabad for two hours, Naxalites also stopped the police force coming from Patna.

There were 600 prisoners in this jail, out of which the Naxalites escaped at night with 341 prisoners including their leader Ajay Kanu. The surprising thing was that the intelligence department had already had an idea of ​​this intention of the Naxalites, but no one paid attention to it. Nor was the warning heeded. Taking advantage of this carelessness, the Naxalites were able to establish true Red Terror for a few hours by crushing the state machinery.