JNU power outage, internet shut down and stone pelting… Full story of ruckus over BBC’s banned documentary – bbc documentary jawahar lal nehru university stone pelting ntc

JNU power outage, internet shut down and stone pelting... Full story of ruckus over BBC's banned documentary - bbc documentary jawahar lal nehru university stone pelting ntc
Aditya Chaudhary

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has once again become the center of controversy. This time, the banned BBC documentary ‘India: The Modi Question’ on Gujarat riots has created tension in the campus. The situation has become such that students watching the documentary have been pelted with stones, internet has been shut down and electricity has also been cut. All this ruckus is happening because JNU had decided not to show the BBC documentary a few days ago, but JNUSU has announced that it will screen the documentary for the students on its own behalf. Now all this controversy is being seen during that screening. On one hand the administration cut off the electricity and on the other hand there was stone pelting on the students.

The administration did not give permission … the stubbornness and stone pelting of the students

So far no response has been given by the JNU administration on this ruckus. The Student Union has also not issued any formal statement. But the student protests have intensified on the ground. Due to power cut, all the students are protesting outside. By the way, before this stone pelting, a letter was also written by JNUSU to the JNU administration. In that letter, it was asked under which law he was being prevented from watching the documentary. On what basis there is talk of banning the screening. Now no reply was received at that time, but on Tuesday when the students watched the BBC documentary on mobile, they were pelted with stones. After that stone pelting, the anger of the students reached the seventh sky and JNU campus once again became the center of ruckus.

Difference of views in JNU itself, student against student

Now for information, let us tell you that at this time there is a ruckus in the whole country regarding the BBC documentary. This documentary has already been banned by the Central Government. The Ministry of External Affairs has insisted that an attempt was made by BBC to spread propaganda through this documentary. But some people are seeing this ban as censorship. The media is being controlled in their eyes. Based on these arguments in JNU, JNUSU talked about showing BBC’s documentary. Well, it is not that all the students in JNU are supporting the BBC documentary. There is also a section which is telling the students watching the documentary to be part of the ‘tukde-tukde’ gang. It is being said from his side that those who used to talk about breaking India into pieces, are now supporting the BBC documentary as well.

JNUSU’s sharp questions, JNU has answers?

But the protesting students have more than one question for the JNU administration. Question No. 1- Which is the law in the campus which says that permission has to be taken from the administration to show the screening of a film. Question No. 2- Under which law was the advisory issued by the campus. Question No. 3- If the film is shown in the campus then what rules will be broken. Now JNUSU is considering its stand strong on the basis of these questions only. In their eyes, the JNU administration has no answer to these questions. Student unions are also insisting that their aim of showing the documentary on the campus is not to create any unrest. The documentary is being shown only to those students who want to watch it.

Old association with controversies, many incidents of violence

Now amidst all those arguments, the incident on Tuesday has increased the tension in JNU. The big thing is that it has even reached the point of scuffle. There has been abuse, a lot of bricks and stones have been thrown. Police has reached the spot, efforts are being made to control the situation. JNUSU has only said for now that it is going to hold a press conference in some time. Only after that conference many aspects related to this dispute will be clear.

Even before this, there have been big ruckus in JNU from time to time. These riots not only take a communal turn, on some occasions violence is also seen. In such a situation, the atmosphere here remains sensitive. Two years ago, there was a fight between ABVP and leftist organization AISA. Then the allegation was that the workers of ABVP student organization were holding a meeting, but only then AISA workers came and a lot of ruckus was created.