Jokes husband wife jokes in hindi majedar chutkule viral memes lbs

Jokes husband wife jokes in hindi majedar chutkule viral memes lbs

> Suresh – Hello dear how are you, “I Miss you so much”
Woman – You are speaking Chintu, aren’t you?
Suresh – Oh wow, recognized by my voice only…
Woman – Your father’s name is Hiralal, isn’t it?
Suresh – Shockingly yes, quite right
Woman – And your grandfather’s name is Banwarilal?
Suresh – Hey, it seems you have become crazy about me, you have started keeping all my details.
Woman – Hey donkey, I am your mother speaking.
Suresh – Why are you joking Pammi?
A voice comes from there, you idiot, instead of Pammi, you have put mummy’s number by mistake, you come home and then I will tell you…

> Monu – Waiter, give me such tea
After drinking this, the mind became happy and the body started dancing.
Waiter – Sir, we get buffalo’s milk, not snake’s milk.

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> Sonu went to a liquor shop and asked for a bottle of liquor.
Shopkeeper – The liquor is over, come tomorrow.
Sonu- But I want liquor today only.
Shopkeeper- Brother, why do you get angry, talk calmly….
Sonu- Then it is okay call Shanti.

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Ravi was driving under the influence of alcohol.
suddenly the car hit a pole
police – get out
Ravi – forgive me sir
Police – Drunk driving.
Ravi – Oh no sir, I have already drunk a lot and how much will you give me.

> Rakesh- By what name do you call your wife?
Ramesh – Google Darling
Rakesh – What a name.
Ramesh- What should I do, I ask one question and I get 100 answers.

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