Kanpur Thieves showed unique devotion visited temple offered 10 rupees stole jewelry donation box lcla

Kanpur Thieves showed unique devotion visited temple offered 10 rupees stole jewelry donation box lcla
Aditya Chaudhary

In Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, 10 days ago there was theft in Pitambara Mata’s temple. It has come to the fore in this incident that the thieves visited the temple first. After this, offer 10 rupees as an offering. Then in the middle of the night, they fled after stealing gold and silver jewelery and cash from the temple. Police say that the accused named Faheem had offered 10 rupees after visiting. Police have arrested four accused in this case and recovered jewelery and cash.

According to the information, there was a theft in the ancient Pitambara Devi temple in Bithoor, Kanpur on the night of January 13. Thieves had stolen about 20 lakhs including mother’s jewelry and donation box. This incident was recorded in CCTV. After receiving the information about the theft incident, the police administration started the investigation.

In this case, the police of many police stations including the crime branch were investigating. Under this, the police arrested four accused today. Police say that Kunwar Pal, a resident of Kannauj, along with his associates had stolen from the temple. These people first went around the temple and did Reiki. After this, after reaching the temple at night, he had stolen the jewelry and donation box of the mother.

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Thief visited the temple, also offered 10 rupees, then stole jewelry and donation box

Police arrested four people including gang leader Kunwar Pal

After the theft, the accused went to Kannauj and sold all the jewelery by melting it. Police has arrested 4 people including gang leader Kunwar Pal in this case. There are two goldsmiths among them, who melted the jewelery of the temple. The police have recovered a large amount of gold, silver and money from the accused. Faheem and his accomplice involved in jewelry theft are absconding.

Vicious thief has already committed theft in many places including Madhya Pradesh

Police say that Kunwar Pal is a vicious thief, who steals mostly in the temple itself. Earlier, he had also committed theft in the temple in Madhya Pradesh and Ghatampur. Till now 26 cases have been registered against Kunwar Pal. He has accepted that he had visited Pitambara Mata and Sai Dham with Faheem. After this, 10 rupees were offered in Pitambara Mata’s temple. Police is making efforts to arrest Faheem.

DCP West Vijay Dhul said that there was theft in the temple. Four people have been arrested in this. These people had done Reiki of the temple before the theft. After that it was stolen. The police have arrested four accused including two goldsmiths in this. Gang leader Kunwar Pal has already committed theft in many temples.