Karnali: 49 killed, 25 missing by monsoon-induced disasters

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Aditya Chaudhary

In Karnali province during the weeks of October, monsoon-related disasters and traffic accidents resulted in 49 fatalities and 25 remained unaccounted for.

In the province, numerous disaster-related incidences resulted in the injuries of 74 people.

Karnali: 49 killed, 25 missing by monsoon-induced disasters

According to Krishna Bahadur Rokaya, Disaster Contact Person at the Karnali Province Government’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law, the disasters brought on by nonstop rains in the second and half of the third week of October were responsible for the highest number of fatalities in Jumla and Mugu.

“Ten people each died in Jumla and Mugu, nine in Kalikot, eight in Humla, two in Dolpa, and one in Dailekh,” he said, adding that there are now 18 people still unaccounted for in Kalikot, three in Dailekh, one in each of Jumla, Humla, Dolpa, and Rukum Paschim, and ten people who perished in Jumla and Mugu.

In the current fiscal year 2022–2023, no disaster-related fatalities have been reported in the Surkhet district during the months of Saun, Bhadau, and Ashoj (July 17–October 17).

20794 families have been relocated as a result of the disasters in the province, according to information provided by the Ministry.

5,282 of them are from Mugu, and 7418 are from Kalikot.

In the province, 33 people died in traffic accidents, one person was struck by lightning, and two people suffered from frostbite.

According to Dinesh Sagar Bhusal, secretary in the Ministry, the preparedness and reaction strategy significantly aided in the search and rescue operations during the disasters.