‘Kohli has guts, 5 years have passed, Rohit’s condition deteriorated in one year’, statement of Pakistani cricketer

'Kohli has guts, 5 years have passed, Rohit's condition deteriorated in one year', statement of Pakistani cricketer

These days there is an uproar in the Pakistan cricket team regarding captain Babar Azam. Churning is going on regarding the captaincy of the Pakistan team which is continuously losing all the series at home. Many veterans have agreed that there should be split captaincy (separate captain in each format) in the Pakistan team. Former Pakistani wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal has given a big statement on this.

Actually, Kamran Akmal did a video chat with former Pakistani opener Salman Butt. Hafiz Mohammad Imran, former cricketer Salman Qadir were also present in this chat. This video chat was also shared on YouTube.

Rohit’s forgettable video went viral

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In this video, Salman Butt raised the issue whether the Pakistan team should have a separate captain in each format or should the same captain remain in all the three formats. Kamran Akmal gave his opinion on this and said that this is not the time to tamper with the captaincy issue, because the ODI World Cup is very close.

Meanwhile, Kamran Akmal also talked about the pressure of captaincy. Also said about Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma that how Kohli has withstood the pressure of captaincy for five years is not known. But Rohit’s condition has worsened within a year. Kamran laughed and said that at the time of the toss, Rohit had forgotten whether to bat or bowl.

salman butt and kamran akmal

Actually, the second ODI of the series against New Zealand was played in Raipur. Then after winning the toss, Rohit Sharma forgot whether he had to decide whether to bat or bowl. Its video also became quite viral.

‘Kohli has guts, he has been fired for five years’

Kamran Akmal said, ‘Pakistan team should not have different captains now. The World Cup is round the corner and it is not the right time either. It would have been fine if you had done it after the T20 World Cup. Now is not the time. Now it’s only after the World Cup, whatever it is. I think there should be two captains and workload should be managed. A captain is very difficult in all three formats.

He said, ‘Virat Kohli has the courage, he has been removed for five years. It is not even a year since Rohit Sharma has passed and see what has happened to his condition. Forgot to tell at the toss whether to bat or bowl (laughs). That’s why the pressure should be reduced a bit.