Kolkata flat dead bodies skeleton bones seizure death mystery soul food suspected brother investigation interrogation police crime LNO

Kolkata flat dead bodies skeleton bones seizure death mystery soul food suspected brother investigation interrogation police crime LNO

Many times such cases come in front of us, which not only surprise the common people, but also become a puzzle for the police and the law. Due to such cases, the police department of every state has been getting divided. These cases are shocking as well as create panic. One such case came to the fore in Kolkata city about 8 years ago. In which the police was also confused.

Dey Family of Kolkata

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal and the famous city of the country. Robinson Lane is a posh area in this city. There 77-year-old Aurobindo Dey used to live with his son Partha Dey and daughter Debjani. While Aurobindo’s wife had died a few years back. Parth was good in studies and writing. Till a few years ago, he used to work in a big company. Debjani used to work as a teacher in a school. There were also two pet dogs in his family. Whom Debjani loved very much.

smoke rising from the house

The matter is of June 11, 2015. When someone informed the police control room that smoke was coming out of the Robinson Lane flat. But no one is visible there. Shortly after getting the news, the police team reached the spot. The house from where smoke was coming out, that house belonged to Aurobindo Dey. The police immediately reached that flat.

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A burnt body was found in the bathroom

When the police entered inside Arabinda’s flat, a strong foul smell was coming from the house. The police first reached the place where smoke was coming out of the house. That part was the bathroom of Aurobindo’s room. Whose door was locked from inside. When the police broke the bathroom door, the scene inside was horrifying. A burnt dead body of a man was lying there. And that person who was burnt to death was 77 years old Aurobindo Dey.

Skeleton was found in the bedroom

The police found in the investigation that Aurobindo had killed himself by setting himself on fire. But his son Partha Dey, who was present in the house, could not tell anything about this. He himself was shocked and upset. The police took out the burnt corpse from the bathroom and were about to send it for postmortem when they were shocked to see a skeleton lying on the bed in the second room of the flat.

Parth’s sister Debjani’s skeleton was

The police could not understand what could be the meaning of having two dead bodies in the same house. In further investigation, the police came to know that the skeletal corpse belonged to Arbidon’s daughter and Parth’s 50-year-old sister Debjani. That skeleton-like corpse was about seven to eight months old.

Bones were filled in two bags

There was a strange scene in front of the police. In the house, a dead body which had become a skeleton was lying on the bed and the other burnt dead body was in the bathroom. But at that time the police were surprised, when some bones were also found in two bags during the search of the house. Those bones seemed to be of some animal. The police also sent those bones for forensic examination.

Parth left the job after his mother’s death.

Now only one person was present alive in front of the police in that house, that was Partha Dey. After sending the dead bodies for postmortem and collecting evidence-clues, the police interrogated Partha Dey in custody. Because he was the only person who could solve the puzzle of this whole matter. Parth told the police that about 6 years ago he used to work in a multinational company. But after the death of his mother, Parth had left the company. Since then he was living at home.

Debjani died in December 2014

Parth told the police during interrogation that his sister Debjani was very fond of their pet dogs. But one by one both those dogs had died. Due to this, Debjani was deeply shocked and she stopped eating due to grief. Because of this his health started deteriorating. She didn’t even want to get treated. The result was that Debjani said goodbye to the world.

Parth used to feed his sister thinking she was alive

In further investigation and interrogation, the police came to know that Partha Dey was deeply in love with his sister Debjani. This was the reason why he did not perform the last rites of his sister even after her death. He used to keep her dead body on her bed as if she was alive. The police found that the bed from which Debjani’s skeleton was found had a lot of food lying on it. When the police asked Parth about this, he told that he used to feed the soul of his sister.

Parth had written important things in the diary

During the investigation of the case, the police sent Partha Dey to the doctors and got him examined. Later the police told that Parth was mentally fine. According to media reports, at that time the police had recovered several diaries from Partha Dey’s room. Parth had described the sorrows related to his life in the diary. He wrote at one place that his mother considers him impotent. For this reason, he used to be angry with his mother.

mention of sad events

At one place in his diary found by the police, Parth had written that he had gone out of town on a trip with his sister Debjani. During that journey his sister tried to have a relationship with him. Similarly, he also wrote about many sad experiences and incidents in his diary.

Police had investigated from every angle

Although the police were investigating the death of Parth’s father and his sister separately in the investigation of this case. The police did not want to leave any angle. During the investigation, the police had told that the name of one of Aurobindo’s brothers, Arun, had also come up in this case. There was also a property dispute between Aurobindo and Arun. But after several days of investigation, the police admitted that Arun knew nothing about the matter. Later, the police filed a charge sheet in this case. Even though the police did not touch anything in this matter, but this matter was in the headlines for many days.