Krushna Abhishek confirms return with Kapil Sharma show says I miss him and team

Krushna Abhishek confirms return with Kapil Sharma show says I miss him and team

We all are missing Sapna a lot. This character of comedian Krishna Abhishek has been one that no one has forgotten. When ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ brought its new episodes last year, there was no Krishna Abhishek in it. Everyone was missing her, her character Sapna and her innocence. Was hoping that someday he would return to the show, but it did not happen.

Now ending the wait of the fans, Krishna has revealed that he will return to the show. He has told this through an interview. That means once again we will get to hear the punches of Kapil and Krishna. Once again laughter will be heard in the drawing room of the house.

Krishna ready to return with Kapil
In a conversation with Indian Express, Krishna Abhishek said, “Kapil paji is like my brother and friend. I love him very much. I also like the show very much. Kapil paji is very talented. He has been taking care of me for many years.” .Many people come to me and say that Kapil has changed, his attitude has come inside, don’t join the show, but let me tell you that he is a very hardworking artist. The way he makes comedy Only a standup can do this. A team works behind it, it is not an easy task. We have been doing comedy for many years, so it becomes difficult for us to create new content. Asks what’s new now? Kapil himself and his show is doing something different. Every time he puts a new plate in front of people, so that people can laugh in their drawing rooms. The show is going great.”

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Krishna said that the deal with Sony TV could not be done in the way that I had expected. That’s why I could not be a part of the show. There was no rift between Kapil Paji and me. I want to work with him. I am hoping that if things go well, we can work together. I respect Kapil paaji a lot and I think he has the same respect for me as well. We both will come together very soon. I miss him and the team a lot. I like Kiku Sharda very much. All are very nice people. This is my family even if things don’t go well with Sony. I have been associated with this channel for many years. It’s like home to me. And they say that if the forgotten in the morning comes home in the evening, then it is not called forgotten. I will also return.

Krishna increased his fees
If reports are to be believed, Krishna Abhishek has increased his fees. The channel is not agreeing to pay this much fee. Talking about this, Krishna said, “I am very happy. I have worked for the show for three years. It has given me a lot. I have been a part of this industry for the last one decade, then Bhai Sony’s show has given me a kickstart that keeps me fresh everyday. I work for money, yes it’s true. I want to earn a lot of money (jokingly).”

Changing his mind, Krishna said, “You cannot do everything for money. You must have seen, I do only one show at a time. I do not take many things in my hand. Anyway, as a comedian, you A little extra hard work has to be done. If you focus on other things as well, you will compromise with the content. Right now I am doing Big Buzz. Also I have OMG Yeh Mera India show. I will take a break now and myself Will prepare. But I promise to all of you that I will also return soon.