Love, quarrel, murder and conspiracy… who was the third ‘that’ between Shraddha-Aftab? – Shraddha Walker murder case chargesheet disclosure unknown friend quarrel accused Aftab Amin Poonawala resentment Delhi Police investigation crime LNO

Love, quarrel, murder and conspiracy... who was the third 'that' between Shraddha-Aftab? - Shraddha Walker murder case chargesheet disclosure unknown friend quarrel accused Aftab Amin Poonawala resentment Delhi Police investigation crime LNO
Aditya Chaudhary

In the charge sheet of the Shraddha Walker murder case, the police has made many important revelations. After killing, Aftab Amin Poonawala cut Shraddha’s body into small pieces like an executioner. The motive of the murder has also become clear now. But the question is, who was that new friend of Shraddha? For whom Aftab had a fight with him earlier. Then he had thrashed Shraddha. And after that he was murdered.

met through the app
Aaj Tak / India Today has received information from sources that Shraddha Walker used to use an application in her mobile. Whose name is Bumble app. This is a social and dating app. On which unknown people befriend each other. Through this application, he met a person living in Gurugram, Haryana.

Shraddha went to Gurugram to meet a friend
On 17 May 2022, she was going to Gurugram to meet the same friend. She had left the house that morning itself. Shraddha had gone out to meet this friend of Gurugram for the first time. This was the app through which Shraddha met Aftab Amin Poonawalla.

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Shraddha returned the next day
Shraddha did not return home that day. Aftab kept waiting for him. Perhaps she was not even responding on the phone. This was the reason why he was upset the whole night. On the second day i.e. on May 18, at around 11 am, Shraddha reached back at Chhatarpur’s flat. Police has also received CCTV footage of Shraddha entering the flat on May 18.

Shraddha was murdered after a quarrel
When Shraddha came back, Aftab was very angry. He asked where she was in the night. Shraddha did not give any answer. There was a fight between the two. There was a fight too. After this, when both became normal, both of them had food together. But after this again there was a quarrel between the two and during this Aftab killed him by strangling him. However, the name of that friend of Shraddha has not been disclosed by the police.

Police had formed 9 teams for investigation
Giving information on Tuesday, Joint Commissioner of Police (South Range) of Delhi Police, Meenu Chaudhary had told that 9 police teams were formed to investigate the matter. Also an SIT was formed. The scope of investigation of this case was spread not only to Delhi but also to four states. In which apart from Delhi, Maharashtra, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh were also included.

After the murder, the dead body was cut into pieces.
Joint Commissioner Meenu Chowdhary told that Aftab had cut Shraddha’s body into pieces after the murder. That’s why a separate team was formed to recover the pieces of the corpse. That team had recovered the pieces at the instance of Aftab.

Forensic expert’s help taken in investigation
He told that not one but many different teams interrogated the accused Aftab Amin Poonawalla. Experts were also included in this case for questioning. The crime scene was also investigated by FSL and CFSL.

Digital Evidence Collected
According to Joint Commissioner of Police (South Range) Meenu Chowdhary, narco and polygraph tests were also conducted on Aftab, the accused in the case. Along with this, footage of CCTV cameras from Gurugram and Delhi was taken as evidence. Not only this, digital evidence like Aftab’s laptop, social media were also recovered. Various types of weapons were used to cut Shraddha’s body, some of which have been recovered by the police.

more than 150 witnesses
According to Joint Commissioner Meenu Chowdhary, the charge sheet has been filed with all the evidence. In this case, the police have recorded statements of more than 150 witnesses. Which have been mentioned in the charge sheet.

motive of murder
According to the Georgesheet, on May 17, 2022, Shraddha went to Gurugram to meet her other friend. After this she returned on the afternoon of 18 May 2022. Aftab got angry about this. After this there was a fight between the two and Aftab killed him.

Aftab wants to change lawyer
Accused Aftab seems angry with his lawyer. He does not want to show the charge sheet of this case to his lawyer. He has talked about changing his lawyer. Aftab’s judicial custody has been extended till February 7, 2023.

Aftab will get charge sheet after February 7
For information, let us tell you that in this case the police had got Aftab’s narco test done. Before that the polygraphy test was also done. Many types of questions and answers were asked to him, after that the charge sheet was prepared. Now Aftab has asked for a copy of the charge sheet from him. On this, the magistrate has clearly said that cognizance will be taken on this demand on 7th February. Only after this Aftab will be able to get the charge sheet of the case.