Most of the men are making this mistake, walking will also become difficult – big wallets in back pocket could be serious for men keeping purse in pocket can cause this serious disease

Most of the men are making this mistake, walking will also become difficult - big wallets in back pocket could be serious for men keeping purse in pocket can cause this serious disease

It is very common among men to use the back pocket of pants or jeans to keep purse. Keeping a purse full of money and various types of cards in the back pocket is included in the habit of most men. But do you know that this small habit can make you a victim of serious illness and it can make your walking, getting up and sitting difficult.

Recently a 30 year old man from Hyderabad got a disease. In the beginning, he ignored it thinking it to be a minor nerve problem. But the trouble and pain increased. He was having severe pain from right buttock to leg and toes for about three months.

Even after taking many types of medicines and treatments, he did not get relief. Later, on examination, the doctor came to know that he had ‘Fat Wallet Syndrome’.

What is this ‘fat wallet syndrome’

The person with fat wallet syndrome had more severe pain when sitting or lying down than when standing or walking. The person underwent several tests, including an MRI, in which he did not have any complaints of compression or compression of the nerves in the spinal cord or lower back.

After this, his nerve conduction (a type of test with the help of which damage to the nerves is detected.) was done. In this investigation, the doctors found that the person’s right sciatic nerve was severely damaged. But it was still not known what was the cause of the damage to the sciatic nerve.

After this the person told his doctor that he always kept a heavy purse loaded with things like money and cards on the right side of the back of pants or jeans which was kept in his pocket even when he was in office for about 10 hours.

Fat Wallet Syndrome can be extremely painful

After this, the doctors came to know that due to that heavy purse, the person’s piriformis muscle (muscle) was suppressed, due to which the sciatic nerve going from the spinal cord to the leg was also getting pressured.

Due to fat wallet syndrome, sometimes there can be pressure directly on the sciatic nerve and the patient may have more severe pain.

why this problem

Dr. P.N. Neurologist and Senior Consultant, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. Renjen explains, “Often men keep many things like necessary documents, Aadhaar card, PAN card, debit card and credit card in their wallet ie wallet, due to which their purse becomes very heavy.”

This increases their risk of getting fat wallet syndrome (wallet neuritis). Fat wallet syndrome is called piriformis syndrome in medical language.

It is a disorder related to sciatic nerves. Sciatica is a nerve that passes through the spine and goes to the heel of the hip and leg. In this disorder, there is pain in the hips and buttocks.

He further explained, “Piriformis syndrome occurs when your piriformis muscle starts compressing your sciatic nerve, which sometimes leads to swelling of the limbs.

This can cause pain or numbness in your buttock and the back of your leg. Sometimes it can be on one side of your body or sometimes on both the sides.

Piriformis syndrome is common in people who work long hours sitting with heavy purses in the office or workplace. Sometimes car and truck drivers traveling long distances also keep their wallets in their back pocket, due to which they can also face this problem.

Why keeping purse in back pocket should be avoided

In fact, keeping a purse in the back pocket is not a new thing, but it causes discomfort to the person, which they ignore for the sake of convenience. Many times the balance of the body deteriorates due to this and it also puts pressure on the waist and hips. Since the sciatic nerve of the hip passes through the waist itself, due to this pressure there is severe pain in your hip and waist.

On the other hand, when you sit like this for hours, it also puts pressure on the piriform muscles present in the hip joints, due to which the blood circulation stops many times. If such a condition persists for a long time, then swelling in the veins can also increase.

how to avoid this situation

P.N. Renjen said that while sitting or driving, do not keep your purse in your back pocket. Instead, keep it in your front pocket, jacket or shirt. This will not put stress on your lower back and you will not feel any problem in sitting.

Apart from this, if you have to keep the purse in the back pocket, then for this you can reduce its weight. The lighter the purse, the easier it will be for you to carry it.

What is the treatment of this syndrome

How serious can fat wallet syndrome or piriformis syndrome be and what should a person do to get relief when this happens. On this P.N. Renzen says, “The sciatic nerve is connected to the spinal cord and the nerves of the waist and it goes to the feet. Because of this, balance is created in your feet. If there is any problem in this, then there may be a problem in working your claws.

He further says, “Speaking in general language, he will not be able to balance in such a situation and will start hanging.” However, this is a very common problem that happens to people who carry heavy purses for a long time.

Dr. P.N. Renzen told that it is not that every person who keeps his purse in his back pocket has this problem. But if this happens to someone, first of all the patient is examined through nerve conduction.

If there is a problem in the sciatic nerve due to the purse, then we advise people not to keep heavy purses in the back pocket.

Apart from this, anti-inflammatory and pain killers are given to relieve pain. Exercises like some muscle stretching are also done by the patient so that he can get relief as soon as possible.