Naseeruddin Shah vented his anger on Bollywood, taunted ‘Hindi’, said – has been destroyed

Naseeruddin Shah vented his anger on Bollywood, taunted 'Hindi', said - has been destroyed
Aditya Chaudhary

New Delhi. Actor Naseeruddin Shah has made sharp remarks about Bollywood and Urdu language. In a program, he told that the use of Urdu language in English films has changed over time, he said that it has reached the worst condition. Naseeruddin says that now there are nonsense words. He also showed his displeasure over the fact that films make fun of all communities in India. He said that films have not spared Sikhs, Christians, Muslims etc.

In a conversation during Jashn-e-Rekhta in 2022, he felt that the Urdu language has changed a lot in English films. He said, “The truth has been destroyed. But where has anything improved in the English film. He further said, “Today we do not listen to Urdu in our films. Earlier, when the certificate of the Censor Board used to come, Urdu was mentioned in it. This was because the songs and poetry were in that language and the writers also came from the Persian theatre. That change can be seen today, Urdu words are not used. Now there are nonsense words. Nobody even cares about the title of the film as most of them are taken from old songs.”

Movies make fun of communities living in India?
Naseeruddin Shah further explained how films make fun of the communities living in India. Shah said, “They have made fun of Sikhs, Christians, Parsis. The Muslim man was always the hero’s best friend who eventually died while saving him.” He said that in this way films have also created stereotypes.

The bubble of English films is about to burst
Naseeruddin Shah also said that English films ‘lack nutritious elements’ and compared the films with Indian food. He said, “The bubble of English films is about to burst because there is a dearth of them. We keep claiming that our films are being watched all over the world, just like Indian food is being eaten all over the world, Indian food is being eaten because it has guts.”

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 25, 2023, 20:50 IST