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Nepal imports 232 metric tons of chemical fertilizers from China

Chemical fertilizers have started coming to Nepal from Tatopani, a major trade gateway with China.

Narad Gautam, an official at the Tatopani Customs Office, said that 232 metric tonnes of urea manure had entered through the Tatopani checkpoint on Wednesday. Silk Market was given the responsibility to import 10,000 metric tons of chemical fertilizer from China.

Gautam said that the goods will be sent to the capital as soon as the report is received from the customs department today. Six months ago, after receiving the bid, Silk had brought 1,500 metric tons of manure from China in the first consignment.

It is said that it will provide relief to the Nepali farmers who are facing a severe shortage of chemical fertilizers. The remaining 8,500 metric tonnes of manure has been brought, according to the Silk Market.

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