Nepal plane crash dead bodies of Ghazipur four youths reached village family performed last rites ntc

Nepal plane crash dead bodies of Ghazipur four youths reached village family performed last rites ntc

The dead bodies of the four youths of Ghazipur who died in the Nepal plane crash have been cremated on Tuesday. The dead bodies of all were handed over to their relatives today itself. His last rites were performed on the 10th day after the accident. On January 15, Yeti Airlines plane crashed in Pokhara in Nepal. A total of 72 people including 4 crew members were on board this aircraft. Of these, 71 people had died, while one is still being reported missing.

Four friends of Ghazipur were also aboard this plane. The deceased were identified as 28-year-old Sonu Jaiswal, 23-year-old Vishal Sharma, 28-year-old Anil Rajbhar and 25-year-old Abhishek Kushwaha. All were residents of Qasimabad area of ​​Ghazipur. After identification of the dead bodies, the relatives reached Ghazipur from Kathmandu by ambulance carrying the dead bodies.

The last rites were performed at Ganga Ghat (Photo: Vinay Kumar Singh)

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DM Aryaka Akhori told that five lakh rupees have been given to the families of all the deceased. Apart from this, widow pension has also been given to Sonu Jaiswal’s wife. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had announced financial assistance of five lakh rupees each to the families of the youths of Ghazipur killed in the accident. Also said that the state government had also said to bear the cost of bringing the dead body from Nepal.

The family demanded 50 lakh compensation

On the other hand, the Congress officials also reached the DM office along with the victim’s family on Monday. He has demanded a compensation of 50 lakhs to the next of kin of each deceased and a government job to a member. The SDM assured to forward their demand. In this matter, the DM further told that the Congress has done all these policy things. His letter will be sent to the concerned authorities.

The plane crash happened on January 15 (file photo)

Sonu was on Facebook Live before the accident

A video just before the accident also surfaced. Son Jaiswal was making this video only. Sonu started the live stream from his Facebook page 55 seconds before the plane landed in Pokhara at 10:41 am. The atmosphere in the plane was pleasant after the live video stream. In the live video, the sound of friends laughing and joking was also coming from behind, but the plane crashed and there was screaming. After this, in the blink of an eye, the plane turned into a ball of fire, but even beyond Sonu’s mobile, the live stream continued on Facebook for 42 seconds. This video went live for 1 minute 37 minutes from Sonu’s Facebook page.