‘No one sides anyone…’ Lalan Singh said after Upendra Kushwaha on the political drama of Bihar

'No one sides anyone...' Lalan Singh said after Upendra Kushwaha on the political drama of Bihar
Aditya Chaudhary

The phase of rhetoric continues between Janata Dal United (JDU) leader Upendra Kushwaha and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. While denying the speculations of leaving the party, Upendra Kushwaha has declared Nitish Kumar as his elder brother. At the same time, now the statement of the party’s National President Lalan Singh has also come to the fore on this political drama going on in JDU. Lalan Singh has said that no one sided with anyone. The one who has a mind, does so. Referring to RCP Singh, he said that he (RCP Singh) had become close to BJP while living in JDU.

Let us tell you that Upendra Kushwaha had recently said that whenever Nitish Kumar has become politically weak, we worked to cooperate with him. He also said that today some people are abusing Upendra Kushwaha, but it doesn’t matter to him. Targeting the RJD, he had said that some people are conspiring to weaken Nitish Kumar.

Nitish Kumar openly became an attacker on the attack of Upendra Kushwaha. Refuting Kushwaha’s allegations, he had said that our party has not weakened. These are false allegations. Let people say what they have to say. No one from our party is in touch with any other party. He had said – I did not stop anyone. Leaders can come and go at will.

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On this counterattack of Nitish, Upendra Kushwaha once again tweeted his statement. He had said that he would not leave his share. He wrote on Twitter, ‘You have said very well brother…! When the younger brother starts leaving the house at the behest of such an elder brother, then every elder brother should drive his younger one away from the house and usurp the entire property of the father and grandfather alone.’ Next to this, Upendra Kushwaha said that how to leave like this leaving his share….?

There was speculation of going to BJP

Last week, when Upendra Kushwaha was admitted for a routine checkup at AIIMS in Delhi, three Bihar BJP leaders had arrived to meet him, including 2 former MLAs Sanjay Tiger and Prem Ranjan Patel. After this, speculation started that Upendra Kushwaha may leave JDU and join BJP. When Kushwaha was asked about this, he said that it is wrong to interpret meeting with any BJP leader that we are in touch with BJP. The talk of contact is being done in the sense that the bigger the leader of our party, the more he is in contact with the BJP leaders.