One family, 7 dead bodies and a sinister conspiracy… What the police thought was a suicide, turned out to be a mass murder – Maharashtra Pune Pawar family murder of 7 people investigation disclosure old enmity accused cousins ​​arrested police crime LNO

One family, 7 dead bodies and a sinister conspiracy... What the police thought was a suicide, turned out to be a mass murder - Maharashtra Pune Pawar family murder of 7 people investigation disclosure old enmity accused cousins ​​arrested police crime LNO
Aditya Chaudhary

Dead bodies of seven people of the same family were found in Pune city of Maharashtra. Due to 7 deaths together, sensation had spread in the entire area. There was only one question in everyone’s mind that how did the whole family die together? The police had earlier termed the matter as a mass suicide. But when this matter came to light after thorough investigation and investigation, everyone was shocked. In fact, this case turned out to be not of suicide but of premeditated murder. Due to old enmity, the entire family was destroyed and their dead bodies were thrown into the river.

23 January 2023
Pune city police received information from a village that bodies of 4 people were found near the Pargaon bridge on the Bhima river on the outskirts of Yavat village. Hearing this, there was a stir in the department. The police immediately reached the spot and took all four bodies out of the water and took them into custody. After the action of Panchnama, the bodies were sent for postmortem. Seeing the scene of the incident and the condition of the dead bodies, it seemed that it could be a case of suicide. Police registered the case and started investigation.

24 January 2023
Pune city police again got information that 3 bodies were found again near Pargaon bridge on Bhima river on the outskirts of Yavat village. Shocked, troubled policemen again reached the spot. The police saw that three dead bodies were lying there. Exactly the same way as 4 dead bodies were found a day before. The special thing was that all the dead bodies were lying at a distance of about 200 to 300 meters from each other.

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Police told suicide
The case had become challenging for the police. Dead bodies of 7 people in just two days, that too at one place. This thing was troubling the police. But after taking stock of the situation and conducting preliminary investigation, the police termed the case as suicide. The police was also probing the matter from the same angle.

Police first identified the dead
After this, the first thing the police did was identification. Because first of all it was necessary to know that who were the people who died? It did not take long for the police to identify the recovered bodies. The dead were identified as 45-year-old Mohan Pawar, his 40-year-old wife Sangeeta Pawar, their daughter Rani Falvare, son-in-law Shyam Pandit Falvare and their 3 children.

Why did the whole family commit suicide?
According to the police, all the people who died belonged to the same family. The police also did not find any marks of external injury on the bodies of the deceased. Now the question was arising that if this is a case of mass suicide, then why and for what did the whole family commit suicide together? The police had to find the answer to this question. Therefore, the police quickly started investigating the matter.

Earlier this was the claim of the police
Pune district rural police had declared the death of seven people as suicide, but the investigation of the case was also going on. Earlier the police had claimed that the girl of the family had fallen in love with a boy from the village. After this both of them suddenly disappeared from the village. For this reason, seven people of the same family had committed suicide.

mass murder case
Now the police was taking forward the investigation of the case. Many people were also being questioned. As the investigation progressed, the whole story turned upside down. The police came to know that this was not a case of suicide, but of murder. Pune District Rural Police came to know in the investigation that this mass murder was carried out due to old enmity. And the one who executed it was none other than Mohan Pawar’s cousin.

Bloody conspiracy of vicious killers
According to the Pune Rural Police, there was a mutual enmity between the members of the Pawar family. This enmity was to such an extent that Mohan’s cousins ​​together killed his entire family. Not only this, for the purpose of showing his death as a suicide, the accused first threw the dead bodies of 4 and later 3 people at the crime scene. The police claim that on behalf of the accused, some of their acquaintances and relatives had earlier fed Mohan Pawar’s family with some food mixed in it. Due to which all the seven members of the family fainted. After this, they first took four and then three people and threw them in the river.

6 out of 7 aroris arrested, one absconding
A top officer of Pune rural police told ‘Aaj Tak’ that in this heart-wrenching murder, a total of 6 including four cousins ​​have been arrested by the police late on Tuesday night. A woman was also involved with him in carrying out this heinous incident. While one of the accused involved in this murder case is still absconding. The police is searching for him. Along with this, the help of forensic experts is also being taken in this matter. The matter of the death of the entire family has become a topic of discussion in the area.