poem on bihar in hindi

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poem on bihar in hindi

Dekho hum ra ko d bolenge, par tum isse hamari chahari mat kehna, hum ke hai Bihar but don’t call us Bihari… This voice is resonating on social media these days. Many people including IAS Avneesh Sharan have shared this poem written on Biharis on Twitter. Sahil Kumar, who belongs to Nalanda, shared this video on his Instagram account about a year ago. Many people associated with Bihar are now sharing and praising it. Many people have also spoken about pride in being a Bihari. Sahil has explained about Biharis, Baati-Chokha, celebrities from the state in very simple and easy words. He says in the beginning that today I will not talk about IAS. Leave aside mathematics, I will not say that we have a share in such high positions. I will just try to make you understand that who would be a Bihari.

… because this is the situation in the society
Being a Bihari has become a curse
And do you know why we are saying this
Because we are suffering the humiliation of being Bihari
If there is a problem, there is no solution
You’re the only one, there’s no other reason
Because every time you weigh humanity in the scales of regionalism
Mom Dad was from Bihar I am from Delhi speak

In fact, using words like Bihar ke Bhaiya, Bihari, many people look at people coming from this state with an inferiority complex. But as Sahil has explained in this poem also, Bihar has not only given many IAS officers who run the country, but people from Bihar have reached many high positions from the President. Listen to the whole thing from Sahil Kumar next.

After watching the video, Ajju Jha wrote, ‘Bhai said strong things laughingly’. On Twitter, Amit Ranjan has written ‘very nice’. Similarly dozens of people including Rishikesh, Ashok, Arvind Yadav have liked this poem on Biharis. Farhan Malik writes, ‘Proud to be a Bihari.’

Sahil Kumar likes Adam Gondvi a lot. He studied in Delhi but in an interview he told that I am a Bihari by heart. He wrote this poem about 5 years ago during college, which is now going viral.