Political history of Upendra Kushwaha: Formed his party twice, separated from JDU many times and now again moving away from Nitish? – is upendra kushwaha going in bjp and leaving jdu nitish kumar bihar politics ntc

Political history of Upendra Kushwaha: Formed his party twice, separated from JDU many times and now again moving away from Nitish? - is upendra kushwaha going in bjp and leaving jdu nitish kumar bihar politics ntc

In the political corridors of Bihar these days the name of JDU Parliamentary Board National President Upendra Kushwaha is being discussed rapidly. For some time, the speculation about Upendra Kushwaha’s closeness with BJP leaders and joining BJP is very strong. In such a situation, when Kushwaha was admitted for routine checkup in AIIMS, Delhi last week, many Bihar BJP leaders reached to meet him. A picture of which also surfaced and spread like wildfire on social media with lots of speculations.

However, later Upendra Kushwaha put an end to all these speculations and made it clear that he is not going to BJP. He said, meeting the BJP leader does not actually mean that I am going to join the BJP. These are baseless rumours. He further said in his statement that I am in JDU, JDU is getting weak, but I will keep working to strengthen it.

Whenever Nitish became weak, we supported: Upendra Kushwaha

A statement of Upendra Kushwaha also came to the fore amidst the ongoing political war of words in Bihar. In which he said that whenever Nitish ji became weak politically, then we have worked to cooperate with him. We have supported Karpoori ji to fulfill his dream. After this statement of Kushwaha also gave birth to new speculations whether Kushwaha is trying to remind Nitish of something?

What did JDU leader Lalan Singh say?

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In the midst of all these statements and speculations, the party’s national president Lalan Singh had a special conversation with Aaj Tak. In which he kept his point. On the speculation of Upendra Kushwaha leaving the party, Lalan Singh said that for what reasons he is saying such things, we do not know. But when a party is strong, the workers are excited and the workers are strong. Our party workers are busy in strengthening JDU and we do not know on what basis they are saying this. Apart from this, Lalan Singh also said, he has been coming to the office, attended party meetings.

How did the speculations start?

All these speculations in the politics of Bihar did not start just like that, but were started considering the signals received from Upendra Kushwaha and his history of ‘change of guard’ in the past. In fact, the news of Upendra’s displeasure is coming from the time when Kushwaha did not get any ministerial post after the formation of the Grand Alliance government in Bihar. It is believed that Kushwaha was hoping that he would be made deputy CM in the cabinet expansion, but Nitish Kumar made it clear that there would be no other deputy CM, which ruined Upendra Kushwaha’s hopes.

Now there is a discussion in the speculation market that Upendra Kushwaha may announce his departure from JDU. In such a situation, his pictures with the people of BJP have heated up the market of discussions. At the same time, it is also believed that Upendra Kushwaha can make his party stand again. Upendra has left JDU three times in 17 years and has turned back.

Upendra Kushwaha and his ‘Dal Badal’ history

The picture of Upendra Kushwaha’s ‘Dal Badal’ is very old in the history of politics. In 2005, when the BJP and JDU-led NDA came to power in Bihar, Kushwaha lost the election from his own seat. After which the distance came between Kushwaha and Nitish. Not only this, he also said goodbye to JDU. After which Kushwaha formed his new party and named it Rashtriya Samata Party.

However, in the year 2010, winds of change once again blew and Kushwaha returned home on Nitish’s invitation. Upendra once again came to JDU. But this story did not end here. The story of ‘changing party’ once again started being told in the discussions of politics.

In fact, in March 2013, just before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Upendra Kushwaha formed his new party Rashtriya Lok Samta Party (RLSP). And also gave its support to NDA in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. His party contested elections on three Lok Sabha seats in Bihar and during that time the magic of Modi wave was such that these three seats fell in Kushwaha’s court. And in its reward, he got a place in the Modi cabinet and became the Minister of State for Human Resources.

RLSP merged with JDU

This party of Kushwaha disintegrated within 5 years. By the time 2018 came, Kushwaha’s party collapsed in one stroke. After which he got the support of Tejashwi Yadav. But then he could not win even a single seat. Got disappointed. After all this, Upendra Kushwaha once again turned to JDU. And merged his party RLSP with JDU.

Recently, the discussions about making Upendra Kushwaha as deputy CM intensified in Bihar, then his answer came that he is not a monk. But later when the picture became clear, Kushwaha’s hands remained empty once again… after which he has started considering himself as a sideline in the party.

What did Nitish Kumar say amid speculations?

But now, amidst all the speculations, when Nitish Kumar was discussed about this, he did not seem very worried about Kushwaha. Nitish Kumar said that he has left JDU two-three times before and has come back. However, Nitish further said that he will talk to Upendra Kushwaha about this soon. In such a situation, now everyone is watching whether Upendra will once again leave Nitish’s side and take a new path or go with BJP and prove all the speculations true. Or will make competent efforts to strengthen the JDU which he is calling weak today.