President Draupadi Murmu addresses on the eve of 74th Republic Day ntc

President Draupadi Murmu addresses on the eve of 74th Republic Day ntc
Aditya Chaudhary

The country is going to celebrate its 74th Republic Day on Thursday. In such a situation, on the eve of Republic Day, President Draupadi Murmu addressed the nation for the first time. He congratulated all the people of India living in the country and abroad. President Draupadi Murmu said, when we celebrate Republic Day, we celebrate the achievements we have achieved together as a nation.

President Draupadi Murmu said, last year India became the fifth largest economy in the world. This achievement has been achieved against a global backdrop of economic uncertainty. With the help of able leadership and effective struggle, we soon came out of the recession and resumed our journey of development.

‘Languages ​​connect India’

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On the eve of 74th Republic Day, President Draupadi Murmu talked about the diversity of the country. He said, we are all one and we are all Indians. So many creeds and so many languages ​​have not divided us but united us. That’s why we have succeeded as a democratic republic. This is the essence of India. India has moved ahead from the status of a poor and illiterate nation to a confident nation on the world stage. This progress would not have been possible without the guidance from the collective wisdom of the framers of the Constitution.

Only women will give a new shape to tomorrow

Women empowerment and equality between women and men are no longer mere slogans. There is no doubt in my mind that women will make the maximum contribution in shaping the India of tomorrow. It is this vision of empowerment that guides the working of the government for the weaker sections of the people, including the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes, the President said. In fact, our aim is not only to remove obstacles in the lives of those people and help them grow, but also to learn from those communities. People from tribal communities can teach a lot in many areas, from protecting the environment to making society more cohesive.

The President praised the soldiers of the country

During this address, the President said, I especially appreciate those brave soldiers who protect our borders and are always ready for any sacrifice and sacrifice. I also appreciate the brave soldiers of all the para-military forces and police forces who provide internal security to the countrymen.

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In her maiden address to the nation on the eve of Republic Day, President Draupadi Murmu said the G20 is an ideal forum to discuss and find solutions to the “most pressing” problems such as global warming and climate change, which will affect the poorest the most. affects. The President said that after several initiatives in recent years to transform all aspects of governance and unleash the creative energy of the people, the world has started looking at India with a new sense of respect.

Responsibilities Under Pressure

He said, ‘Our interventions at various global fora have started bringing positive changes. The respect that India has earned on the global stage has resulted in new opportunities and responsibilities. President Murmu said India’s presidency of the G20 this year is an opportunity to promote democracy and multilateralism and the right platform to shape a better world and a better future.

President Murmu said this on G20

He said, I am confident that under India’s leadership, the G20 will be able to further enhance its efforts to build a more just and sustainable world order. The President said that the G20 represents about two-thirds of the world’s population and about 85 percent of global GDP and is an ideal forum to discuss global challenges and find solutions.

He said, ‘In my view, global warming and climate change are the most pressing of them. Global temperatures are rising and extreme weather events are on the rise. Unfortunately, the poor are bearing the brunt of global warming more than others.

‘Old traditions have to be seen from a new perspective’

President Draupadi Murmu said, India has taken a commendable leadership in this direction by giving policy incentives to solar energy and electric vehicles. Globally, however, emerging economies need help from advanced countries in the form of technology transfers and financial aid. Murmu, the first president of the tribal society, said that for the development and balance in the environment, we have to look at the ancient traditions from a new perspective.

He said, we need to reconsider our basic priorities. Scientific aspects of traditional life-values ​​have to be understood. We have to rekindle that respect for nature and humility in the face of the vast universe once again. The President said that Mahatma Gandhi was a true prophet of our times, as he foresaw the disasters of indiscriminate industrialization and warned the world to mend its ways.