Rakhi Sawant mother died: Rakhi Sawant’s mother died, was admitted in hospital due to brain tumor

Rakhi Sawant mother died: Rakhi Sawant's mother died, was admitted in hospital due to brain tumor

Rakhi Sawant has always been seen entertaining everyone, but today i.e. 28 January proved to be very sad for her. Actor’s mother Jaya Sawant has passed away. Rakhi’s mother Jaya Sawant was admitted to Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital for the past several days. She was fighting cancer and brain tumour. Rakhi’s husband Adil Khan Durrani has confirmed the news of Jaya Sawant’s death.

Jaya Sawant passed away
For several days, Rakhi Sawant was being spotted while visiting her mother in the hospital. Fans were constantly praying for his mother’s better health. Not only this, Rakhi also used to request her fans to pray for her mother’s speedy recovery. But who knew that January 28 was going to be a sad day for Rakhi. As if a mountain of sorrows has been broken on Rakhi.

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When Rakhi Sawant came out of Marathi Bigg Boss a few days ago, she came to know about her mother’s condition. After leaving the Bigg Boss house, she went straight to the hospital. From here, Rakhi Sawant informed the fans about her mother’s health by doing a live session. Crying, he had told that his mother had got brain tumor after cancer. Treatment is going on in the hospital. After this, Rakhi told about her marriage with Adil, which was another blow for the fans.

Rakhi had thanked Mukesh Ambani
From time to time, Rakhi kept thanking those doctors as well as Mukesh Ambani, who helped her financially for her mother’s treatment. Along with this, Rakhi used to tell how much pain her mother was in. Rakhi had also told that her mother has been admitted to the hospital for two months, but who knew that on January 28, her mother would pass away and she would say goodbye to all of us like this.

When Aaj tried to talk to Rakhi Sawant, she said that she cannot talk at this time. Along with this, he informed that his mother had passed away some time back. Rakhi, we are also saddened by the passing of your mother like this. May his soul rest in peace.