SC on use of temple fund for construction of Banke Bihari Temple Corridor in Vrindavan ntc

SC on use of temple fund for construction of Banke Bihari Temple Corridor in Vrindavan ntc

A case has reached the Supreme Court regarding the construction of the proposed corridor around the famous Banke Bihari temple of Vrindavan in Mathura. The servants of Banke Bihari Temple filed a petition in the Supreme Court on the issue of levy of money from the treasury. At present, the court has refused to interfere on this.

In the Supreme Court, a bench of Justice Ajay Rastogi and Detective Bela Madhurya Trivedi has postponed the hearing for two weeks. Apart from this, the Supreme Court has not stayed the ongoing hearing in the Allahabad High Court.

High Court action challenged in SC

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Let us tell you that the temple services have challenged the action of the Allahabad High Court so far in the SC that the redevelopment plan of the temple is being considered without listening to their side. The services have challenged the suggestion given in the High Court’s order dated 20 December 2022 in the Supreme Court.

The servants of the temple said that their rights were violated

In the order of December 20, the High Court has suggested to prepare a detailed development plan for the use of the funds deposited in the accounts of Shri Banke Bihari Temple. On this, the petitioners say that the rights of the Goswamis, who have been taking care of the temple for centuries, are being violated.

Local people sitting against the corridor

Apart from this, there is strong opposition to the Yogi Adityanath government’s proposal to build a corridor around the Banke Bihar Temple in Vrindavan. Priests, traders and local residents on Tuesday intensified their agitation against the construction of the proposed corridor around the Banke Bihari temple last week, registering their protest by burning copies of the proposed design of the corridor.

politics started

Significantly, politics is also taking place on this issue in Mathura. Congress leader Pradeep Mathur says that his party will not sit quietly on this issue. According to Mathur, 300 families will become homeless due to this corridor, thousands of traders and their employees will become unemployed. This is not in the interest of the residents of Vrindavan. On 20 December 2022, on a petition related to Banke Bihari Temple, the High Court had ordered the district administration to submit the development plan of the corridor along with the estimated cost. The survey for the construction of the corridor started on January 3.