Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter: Shah Rukh Khan trending on Twitter

Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter: Shah Rukh Khan trending on Twitter
Aditya Chaudhary

Right now, if anyone is being talked about the most in the entertainment industry, then it is Shah Rukh Khan and his film Pathan. Shahrukh Khan is appearing on the silver screen with this film after a long gap of about 4 years and people are seeing a lot of craze for their favorite star. Somewhere tall posters of him have been put up and somewhere long queues have formed outside the theaters since morning to watch this film. Now seeing the craze of the people for this film, Shahrukh Khan himself has come on Twitter and he is also replying to the love he is getting from the fans. Apart from this, Shah Rukh has once again answered the questions of the fans on Twitter under #Askrk.

Shahrukh Khan has shared a picture on Twitter, in which a treasure trove of tickets bought to watch ‘Pathan’ is visible. Shahrukh Khan shared this picture and wrote, ‘Oh wow, please dispose of the used tickets properly after watching the movie. Thank you.’

Some single theaters are re-opening for this film and Shahrukh has congratulated for the same. He has written, ‘In childhood, I have seen all the films on singer screens only. He has his own fun. Dua, pray you all and I get success. Congratulations on your re-opening.

Shah Rukh Khan’s poster has been put up at a very high altitude in Chennai. This video has also been shared by a fan on social media. While resharing it, Shahrukh has written – I will be scared at such a height, you see, tell me how it felt.

Somebody asked Shahrukh if ​​he can watch this film with his family? To which the actor said- I saw it with my family and I think you can also watch it.

For this film of Shahrukh Khan, the crowd has started gathering in the theaters since morning. People have made various comments about this film on Twitter. There is such a tremendous craze among the people about Shahrukh’s film that it is being told that the film has touched the figure of Rs 50 crore in the name of advance booking. Is.