Shani Rashi Parivartan 2023: Combination of many planets with Saturn in Aquarius, know which zodiac sign will bring good days

Shani Rashi Parivartan 2023: Combination of many planets with Saturn in Aquarius, know which zodiac sign will bring good days

Shani Rashi Parivartan 2023: Saturn has transited in Aquarius. It is believed that the change of planetary zodiac brings many changes. Saturn has entered Aquarius after 30 years, so its results are also considered very impressive. According to astrology, Saturn is considered to be the slowest planet in the solar system. That’s why Shani travels in one zodiac sign for two and a half years. Aquarius is the own sign of Saturn. That’s why Shani will be in a very happy state in Aquarius.

What is the matter of Saturn’s zodiac change?

Saturn changes its zodiac almost every two and a half years. In this way, they can come again in one zodiac in about 30 years. Till now Saturn was present in Capricorn and on January 17 Saturn has gone to Aquarius. Aquarius is the Mooltrikona zodiac sign of Saturn. Transit of Shani in Aquarius will be mostly auspicious. This zodiac change of Shani is special in many ways. By the way, on hearing the name of Shani, a state of fear arises. Along with this, the condition of half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half will be effected by Shani that changes with the change of zodiac sign of Saturn.

How will be the condition of Sadhesati and Dhaiya

Sade Sati will end in Sagittarius. The second phase of Sade Sati will start on Aquarius. The last phase of Sade Sati will begin on Capricorn. Sade sati will start on Pisces. The dhaiya of Gemini and Libra will end. Dhaiya of Cancer and Scorpio will begin.

The person who has a good position of Saturn in his birth chart, Saturn’s seven and a half year will give him good results. According to astrology, Saturn’s Sade Sati gives good results as well as bad results. Along with this, the natives of the zodiac signs who are running will have to take care of their mother’s health. For those whose Aquarius is their own, this half-and-a-half will prove to be a boon.

What will be the effect on the country and the world

Saturn’s zodiac change will bring stability in the world. The situation of worldwide recession will improve. However, the position of democracy will be strong. Many welfare schemes will be made for the public. The judicial system will be more active. Very big decisions can be taken for the country and the world. Due to the effect of Saturn’s transit, there will be a good effect on food grains. India will be able to buy crude oil and gas from the country and abroad at low prices, due to which there will be no shortage of these items in the country. There will be ups and downs due to the effect of Saturn in the elections to be held in different states. There will be progress in India’s foreign trade and strong business relations will be established with some new countries.

Surefire remedy for the auspicious effects of Shani

1. Reciting Sunderkand on Saturday will also be beneficial.
2. Mantras of Shani Dev should be chanted Om Pran Prim Pran S: Shanaishcharaya Namah.
3. Put frankincense in a cotton wick and light a lamp of mustard oil under the Peepal tree on Saturday evening.
4. Recite any hymn of Shani Dev with full devotion.