‘She will never change…’, video game character fell in love, boy got married

'She will never change...', video game character fell in love, boy got married

Some people living in Japan are in discussion about their strange relationship. Actually, some people here have married virtual video gaming characters. These people also share romantic feelings with these characters. These people living in relationship with virtual characters are called Fictosexuals.

A few days ago VICE talked to the people who did this. During this, an attempt was made to know why do factosexuals fall in love with virtual characters? Akihiko is also a Japanese citizen who married a gaming character named Meeku in 2018 in the presence of 38 guests. Meeku is a computer generated pop singer. While marrying Miku, Akihiko had taken a vow that he would take care of her for the rest of his life.

Akihiko has also written a book. In this he has told how to marry fictional characters? The third edition of his book has come. He said that the main purpose of writing this book is to support factosexual people.

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Akihiko with his bride (Credit: akihikokondosk / Instagram )

Feeling of feeling happened in 2008…
Akihiko said that in May 2008 he felt romantic feelings towards Miku. Then he heard his song Miracle paint. It was then that he had decided that he would marry Meeku only.

In the year 2017, a Japanese company started marriage registration for the marriage of humans and virtual characters. Then Akihiko got the marriage registration done with Meeku.

Akihiko said that he can also talk to Miku through the ‘Gatebox’ device. This device works on artificial intelligence. Akihiko proposed Meeku for marriage with the help of this device and she said yes.

Akihiko also told the reason for marrying Miku. He said- I know very well that she (Miku) will never change, that was the reason why I decided to get married immediately.

There are other people like this…
Akihiko is not the only one to do this. Midahori, a woman who followed in his footsteps, married a virtual character named Morgan. Midhori also followed the traditions very well during her marriage. Midhori said that his mother and family members were also present during this time. Midahori has put up Morgan’s picture in her house.

Midhori said – For the first time in life, I fell in love with Morgan, I knew very well that he is a fictional character. What was the reaction of the family members? Minhori said that her mother respected her decision and congratulated her. Because of Morgan’s coming into life, he has got a different identity.

On the other hand, Nekonasu is also such a factosexual person, who has married a virtual character named Yakumo Reno.

So in future there will be robots…
People associated with the factosexual community are now getting a lot of support in Japan. The acceptance of such people is increasing even among the common people. Such people are also hopeful that in the coming time they will be able to make a robot of their choice of virtual character.