Silent heart attack symptoms without conditions of diabetes BP hypertension or cholesterol tlifs

Silent heart attack symptoms without conditions of diabetes BP hypertension or cholesterol tlifs
Aditya Chaudhary

In today’s era, the lifestyle of a person has become such that it has become very important to take care of the health of the heart. Now even young people have to go through a serious condition like heart attack, while years ago it was rarely seen. The most frightening of all is the silent heart attack. This is such a situation that a person does not even get to know any symptoms of heart attack. Sometimes this silent attack proves fatal. Recently, such a case of silent heart attack has come to the fore, which surprised even the doctors.

Actually, a 42-year-old man from Delhi was going by car in a family function. Neither this person has diabetes nor BP problem. Despite this, the person had a sudden attack while driving the car. In a hurry, he was taken to the nearest hospital. The person fainted as soon as he went to the hospital.

The hospitalists immediately put the man on ventilator and started giving CPR and different types of shock treatments, but his condition did not improve in any way. When the matter worsened, the patient was quickly shifted to Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.

Blockage in the arteries of the heart found during examination in the hospital

Amit Mittal, Senior Doctor, Department of Cardiology at Apollo has explained the case in detail. Amit Mittal told that as soon as the patient was brought to Apollo, his angiography was done. Angiography revealed that the arteries of his heart are 90 to 100 percent blocked. Angioplasty was done immediately to the patient.

After angioplasty, the patient’s heart started beating again in normal condition. When the condition got better, the patient was removed from the ventilator. The patient was discharged after further improvement in his condition. Now 60 percent of the patient’s heart is working normally.

Mukesh Goyal, another senior doctor in the cardio department of Apollo Hospital, said that it was a very serious case, as the patient’s condition was deteriorating minute by minute. The patient was continuously facing the problem of ventricular fibrillation. Despite all efforts, his health was not improving.

If the treatment was not fast then it could have been a serious problem.

Dr. Goyal further said that when he was brought to Apollo, it was most important for us to get fast treatment. Even during angioplasty, doctors were continuously giving him massages and shocks. Dr. Goyal further said that such a case of silent heart attack is rarely seen in a young person.

Dr. Goyal told that, “30 to 40 percent of your arteries may have plaque, which is not capable of causing such symptoms during routine activity.” Of course, whether your cholesterol is normal or not, but sometimes things like stress increase the plaque, due to which the problem of blood clots occurs and these clots do not take time to grow and stop the flow of blood to the arteries. ”

Dr. Goyal told that the patient is now on medicines. He has been given blood thinner medicine. Along with this, medicine has also been given to further reduce cholesterol, so that the risk can be further reduced. After three months this person will be able to cycle for 30 to 40 minutes and walk three to four kilometers.