Suspected Chinese spy balloon flying over the United States ntc

Suspected Chinese spy balloon flying over the United States ntc

For the last few days, a suspected spy balloon of China has been seen flying in the sky of America. It is being said that spy equipment is installed in it. After this, there has been a stir in the US government. Initially it was decided to shoot down this giant balloon. But realizing the dangers of security risk from the falling debris after the shoot down, the government backed down.

Some senior US officials advised President Joe Biden to avoid the shoot down of this balloon as the falling debris could endanger the security situation when it is destroyed.

A senior US defense official said that it is clear that this balloon is being used for espionage.

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Let us tell you that last year, relations between China and America, the two largest economies of the world, have remained tense regarding the Taiwan issue. In fact, America has been condemning human rights violations in Taiwan and China’s military activities in the South China Sea.

Spy Balloon Tracking

America has been tracking this balloon being seen in American airspace for the past few days. It is also being monitored through American military aircraft.

However, the officials have refused to say anything on the height at which this balloon is flying. But it is acknowledged that it is flying above civilian air traffic.

Let us tell you that the senior officers of the US Army had considered shooting down this balloon over the city of Montana but later backed out due to the possible risk due to the debris.

American officials have also raised this issue with China. The American official says that we have talked seriously with the Chinese counterpart on this matter.

Let us tell you that in recent years spy balloons have been seen many times in America. But this time this suspected Chinese spy balloon has been visible in American airspace for a long time, due to which the concern has increased.