Tejaswi Yadav to form government shortly, ‘Tejashwi Bihar’ film ready…climax rest, know deputy CM’s special planning amid uproar in grand alliance

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Tejaswi Yadav to form government shortly, 'Tejashwi Bihar' film ready...climax rest, know deputy CM's special planning amid uproar in grand alliance
Aditya Chaudhary

Patna: These days a film is playing on the political screen of Bihar. Experts say that the film has reached near the climax. The name of the film is ‘Tejaswi Bihar’ whose producer and director is none other than a few leaders of the Grand Alliance. These leaders want to bring this film on the screen of power as soon as possible. Entire Bihar has heard the script, dialogues and dialogues. It is just a matter of few days. The film will be screened with full enthusiasm. Political maneuvering, strategy, opportunism and greed are all included in this film. It is just too late for the movie ‘Satta’ to appear on the screen. On Monday last week, the education minister formally announced the film on Twitter. The minister tweeted and wrote – Basic resources, proper education, educated Bihar, stunning Bihar. Even if it looks like a normal tweet. But JDU leaders understood its meaning. Experts believe that the Education Minister does not have the status to say such a big thing without making a gesture. The preparation is complete inside. There is a delay in the release of the film on the political screen of Bihar. Political expert and senior journalist Dhirendra says that if there is talk of change of government and change of leadership in political circles, there are many reasons for this. Dhirendra clarified the matter by giving an example. Souring within the Grand Alliance!
In a conversation with NBT Online, Dhirendra told that what is the basis of such discussions taking place in Bihar? He said that after seeing the recent two-three incidents, it seems that there may be a change of leadership in Bihar. The reason is that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has set out on a solution journey. There was no special need for this visit. Tejashwi could also go on this journey. Nitish Kumar could have taken him along. When the Chief Minister himself is talking about handing over the charge to Tejashwi in 2025, he would have taken Tejashwi along. Dhirendra says that JDU was defeated in the recent assembly by-elections. RJD’s votes not going towards JDU has worried Nitish Kumar. Raja has now come out to know his image and the position of the party among the public. Secondly, the RJD ministers have kept distance from this solution journey of the Chief Minister. In a way, Nitish Kumar is keeping distance from them. This is an indication that everything is not right inside the Grand Alliance. Third and important is the Sudhakar Singh episode. Chandrashekhar Singh Case. RJD is working on its agenda on many fronts. JDU’s talk is not being taken seriously by RJD. Tejashwi is keeping these people close to him after making lakhs of threats and gestures from JDU.

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Numerology in whose favor!
Dhirendra explains more seriously the sound of change of power in Bihar and says that this time there is no talk of 2015 in the grand alliance government. This time Tejashwi is busy in creating his own image. Tejashwi Yadav and his team are unable to fully trust Nitish. He said take it in writing. Like Rahim’s couplet, it is a situation of ‘jude gaant pari jaye’. Tejashwi has been successful in giving this message every time that Nitish Kumar is definitely the leader of the Grand Alliance, but RJD will have what Lalu and Tejashwi want. Nothing will happen in RJD at the behest of Nitish Kumar. Dhirendra says that the opinion of the people who handle the politics of Bihar from behind the scenes is that by the time of Holi, the leadership of Bihar will come in the hands of Tejashwi Yadav. Whichever way it comes. The way events are turning before Holi arrives. Looking at those political incidents, it seems that Nitish Kumar is also understanding that a secret meeting was also held in November of those who hold such views. These people run the politics of Bihar from behind the scenes. Dhirendra also says that the discussion of Tejashwi becoming the Chief Minister is fine, but this aspect has to be considered that what is the present numerical strength? Can Tejashwi Yadav become the Chief Minister on the basis of numbers? If the answer is no, then where does its maths fit in? Its mathematics has been tried in other states of the country. It is also possible that due to Tejashwi’s offer, some JDU MLAs may go to RJD’s side. Tejashwi will take care of the rest of the allies of the Grand Alliance. According to his support, he is seen crossing the 110 mark. Dhirendra said that if ten MLAs resign from JDU and join RJD. The ball will be in Tejashwi’s court as the Assembly Speaker also belongs to the RJD.

Tejaswi Yadav to form government shortly, 'Tejashwi Bihar' film ready...climax rest, know deputy CM's special planning amid uproar in grand allianceWill the grand alliance break? ‘Tejashwi V/S Kumar’ in Bihar, JDU started uprooting the dead!

BJP’s game plan!
Dhirendra says that if there is a change of leadership in Bihar and the turn of floor testing comes, on that day the Assembly Speaker will automatically be found leaning in favor of Tejashwi. This seems to be a math being made at the moment. Based on this formula, Tejashwi Yadav can be the Chief Minister of Bihar. BJP has been engaged since the beginning that something similar should happen in Bihar. BJP is seeing benefit in this from two sides. BJP wants that if Tejashwi becomes the CM of Bihar, then there will be only fight between two parties in Bihar and JDU’s existence will end. BJP knows that JDU is on backfoot right now and people of Bihar are not liking JDU. Nitish Kumar will become the third factor as soon as Tejashwi becomes the Chief Minister. After that Nitish will be left with two options. If he wants, he will fight independently and the election of Bihar will become triangular. Apart from this, Nitish will go with BJP. At that time the strength of BJP will increase. If there is a triangular election in this situation and Nitish Kumar’s party contests independent elections, then the situation will be like 2014. During that time BJP will get the maximum benefit and in the assembly elections including Lok Sabha, BJP will cross the two-thirds majority mark. Overall, the political behavior that is going on in Bihar. Everything is not going well inside Bihar. Dhirendra says that there is a possibility of leadership change in Bihar. The formula we have discussed. According to that formula, Tejashwi is seen becoming the Chief Minister.

Tejaswi Yadav to form government shortly, 'Tejashwi Bihar' film ready...climax rest, know deputy CM's special planning amid uproar in grand allianceWill not bow down, will bow down to the ‘government’; Tejashwi Yadav’s line length is clear in ‘Pushpa’ style!

Preparing for the big game!
Dhirendra said that BJP is also engaged in spoiling the political equation of Bihar. She will also indirectly help Tejashwi to spoil Nitish’s game. BJP has advantage from both the sides. When Nitish comes in their court and when he does not come, even then in both the circumstances BJP will take advantage of it. Apart from all these things, one thing which is most important is that if the leadership change takes place properly in Bihar, then it is a good thing. If the situation of elections arises, then the state is not ready for elections under any circumstances. Yes, there is disturbance among some leaders of the Grand Alliance. These leaders are worried about their particular area. Whether he should do politics of JDU or politics of RJD or politics of taking both together, he is not able to understand. The leader of the Grand Alliance has definitely been found at the ground level. There is a complete lack of coordination among the workers. The leaders who dream of 2025 are also worried. After all, which path should they follow? He also has a problem that if the Grand Alliance remains, his seat will be saved or will be lost or will be changed. RJD leaders believe that they have double the power. That’s why they will focus on their workers and supporters and not JDU’s politics! But the biggest question among all this is whether Nitish Kumar will let go of the leadership? Dhirendra also says that when this question comes to mind, then all the discussions remain just discussions.