The heart of the famous actress came on the cricketer, the mother also talked to the astrologer; Then the relationship broke in one fell swoop

The heart of the famous actress came on the cricketer, the mother also talked to the astrologer; Then the relationship broke in one fell swoop

Mumbai: Husn’s Mallika Rekha (Rekha) is still seen wreaking havoc, when she was on her way, then not only English film actors, but also a famous cricketer were there to kill her. He was the same handsome cricketer who not only used to rain fours and sixes in the field but was also considered very romantic. We are talking about that cricketer who later became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The news of Bollywood’s famous actress Rekha and Pakistani cricketer’s affair had come to the fore and there was a time when it seemed that both would get married. Today, let’s tell the story of Imran Khan’s obsession with Rekha.

The image of the Pakistani cricketer was also that of a romantic person. Imran also became clean bold in front of the beauty of Bollywood Queen Rekha of the 70-80s. The news of their relationship came to the fore. Rekha and Imran were also seen spending time together in a night club on the beach of Mumbai. Not only this, Rekha-Imran’s marriage was nearing completion.

Rekha’s mother had also agreed
It was also claimed that Rekha-Imran are about to get married and Rekha’s mother is also ready for this relationship. On June 11, 1985, news was published in the Star newspaper that Imran Khan and Rekha were about to get married. Citing the Indian Film Journal Movie, it has also been written in the article that Rekha’s mother considered Imran Khan to be the perfect life partner for her daughter. She was so excited about this relationship that she went to Delhi and talked to astrologer (Najumi), don’t know what Najumi told her but she was fully ready to make Imran her son-in-law. The reason for not getting married is also given in this article.

Shocking statement of Imran Khan
In the same article, calling Imran Khan a playboy, it has been said that he was not serious about his relationship. There is also an interview of Imran, according to which ‘actress’s company is good for a short time’. I enjoy his company and then move on. I can’t even think of marrying a film actress. You yourself read the cutting of Star newspaper.

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Was Zeenat Aman-Shabana close to Azmi too?
At the same time, relationships with Zeenat Aman and Shabana Azmi have also been mentioned. It is said that in 1979, Imran had celebrated his birthday while visiting India. According to media reports, Zeenat was present in the dressing room of the cricket stadium on Imran’s birthday and it was from here that the rumor was born.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 24, 2023, 13:55 IST