The real reason for the destruction of Pakistan… had started to destroy India, now he himself has become a pauper! – pakistan economy crisis electricity shortage inflation high public angry tuta

The real reason for the destruction of Pakistan... had started to destroy India, now he himself has become a pauper! - pakistan economy crisis electricity shortage inflation high public angry tuta

A World Bank report says that Pakistan has not utilized its potential in development. According to the report, about 1500-1600 MW of electricity is generated in Pakistan from solar energy, while it has a capacity of 3 million MW. Same is the condition of wind energy. Pakistan has a capacity of about 3.5 lakh MW. But right now it is producing only around 1400 MW.

fight for bread
Actually, if Pakistan had used its resources properly, this situation would not have come. The public is running after flour and the government is wandering from door to door for help all over the world. The world was shocked to see the fight for flour in Pakistan, it saw how people are fighting with each other for a sack of flour. They are throwing their own countrymen down the drain.

In Pakistan, people are yearning for everything from bread to gas and electricity. Talking about the latest situation, due to the shortage of wheat, the price of flour has crossed Rs 150 per kg. In Pakistan, chicken is being sold at Rs 650 per kg and milk at Rs 150 per litre. The price of LPG cylinder has reached 10,000 Pakistani rupees.

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Pakistan ruined in love of terrorism
Let me tell you, the Kashmir for which Pakistan was ruined, where by sending terrorists, it got the stamp of terrorism. In the remote areas of Kashmir, where people are happy because of the availability of electricity, Pakistan lost its power in destroying it. In fact, electricity has reached some areas of Anantnag after 75 years, due to which the people there are very happy. At the same time, people in Pakistan are troubled by the power cut.

The people of Pakistan are suffering the consequences of being blinded by the fire of terror. People are raining on the government. Why did they spend the money that should have been spent on development on promoting cross border terrorism? Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves ($4.601 billion as of January 13) are not enough even for one month of imports. Therefore, the government is looking for ways to borrow from the IMF in any way.

Rabya, a resident of Karachi, says, 556 units of electricity have been consumed in my house. Whose bill has come to Rs 15560. Tell me from where should I pay the bill, pay the rent, bring ration, pay the electricity bill or pay the tax so that the pockets of the leaders are filled. In fact, the prices of electricity are continuously increasing in Pakistan. After the implementation of the new rates, consumers are getting electricity at the rate of Rs 43 per unit.

all leaders are tainted
Let me tell you, Imran Khan had promised to give an honest government to Pakistan. But it has been revealed that he invested the amount of 10 crores received for the donation of the hospital in real estate. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and his elder brother are accused of corruption worth billions of rupees. Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan People’s Party is also tainted with corruption. Overall, there is not a single leader in Pakistan who is spotless.

That’s why there is a shortage of food, electricity and medicines in Pakistan, the medicines which used to be available for Rs.10 are now available for Rs.200. One of the major reasons for Pakistan’s downfall is its love for terror, which it is still not ready to give up. That’s why on the one hand its Prime Minister appeals for talks with India, then it turns around in a few hours.

How to trust Pakistan?
Not only this, it is claimed that Pakistan, longing for the basic needs of electricity and bread, can now sell its nuclear bomb as well. Recently, a consignment of Pakistani uranium was caught at Britain’s Heathrow Airport. Since then, the world is afraid that Pakistan’s poverty can make it even more dangerous.

Pakistan is not a responsible country. It has neither history nor geography. Religious bigotry has kept it together. But if 22 crore people of Pakistan continue to wander for bread like this, then the day is not far when Pakistan will disintegrate into many pieces.