This singer has worked with Vidya Balan, wears mother’s mangalsutra, the reason will make you cry

This singer has worked with Vidya Balan, wears mother's mangalsutra, the reason will make you cry
Aditya Chaudhary

Mumbai. Palash Sen is one of the best singer of the country. He has made a special place among the audience due to his singing. He has been running his own band – Euphoria for the last 25 years. The special thing is that he also gave work to Vidya Balan in one of his music videos. You might also like that song. You must have heard this song a lot in your childhood. The name of the song is ‘Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali’. Palash has also sung songs in many films. But now he gets less work in films. He does live events through his music band. He wears his mother’s mangalsutra while performing at events.

Palash Sen has given the reason for wearing Mangalsutra of his mother in an interview. Knowing this reason will leave your eyes. Palash told that he started wearing mangalsutra a few years ago. Palash also said that he used to have maximum fights and differences with his mother. But he has given his mother the number one position in his life. He told about his mother’s strong and strict personality.

Palash Sen told that his mother is from Lahore. She came to Jammu and Kashmir after partition. She also revealed that when she was 17, she left her home to pursue MBBS. Palash’s parents are from Dr. Palash said in an interview to Mashable India, “She (her mother) was 8 years old when the partition happened. She walked from Lahore to Jammu as an 8-year-old girl alone taking care of her 4-year-old younger brother.”

Palash Sen further said, “They both went to Jammu alone from across the border. She was very strong. She went to a school where there were only boys as there was no school for girls in Jammu and Kashmir at that time. She was 17 when she left her home and went to Lucknow to study MBBS.

Palash Sen further said, “He is a special person in my life. He had a mangalsutra which he did not stop wearing till my father passed away. After that I started wearing mangalsutra. I wear it. I mainly wear it on stage. It feels like his blessings are with me all the time.”

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 26, 2023, 11:13 IST