Tiger in Chitwan brought under control

Tiger in Chitwan brought under control
Aditya Chaudhary

Chitwan: The control of a tiger that wandered into a human community has been achieved. On Monday night, with the help of a team of technicians from Chitwan National Park captured the tiger at Sitalpur in Madi municipality-2.

On October 9, the tiger murdered a calf in a shed belonging to a local man named Umanath Poudel. The tiger was arrested, according to CNP Chief Conservation Officer Hari Bhadra Acharya, after it returned to the same village.

Tiger in Chitwan brought under control

He revealed that they had to subdue the tiger since it had repeatedly wandered into the village over the course of the previous month.

After assessing the tiger’s health and behavior, it will be released in a location under the CNP’s surveillance, according to Acharya. The tiger is now being housed in a cage at Kasara.

During the current fiscal year, a tiger attack in Chitwan resulted in one fatality. The most recent data indicates that there are 128 tigers in the CNP.

While receiving treatment in Kathmandu this morning, Bisun Mahato of Ratnanagar municipality-6, who was hurt in a rhino attack in Ratnanagar on September 26 passed away.

Once inside the community, the rhino assaulted Mahato. According to Durga Prasad Ghimire, Chairperson of the Mrigakunja Buffer Community Forest Users Committee injured Mahato was transported from Chitwan Medical College to Kathmandu on Monday for additional treatment.