Twist in Padmavat Express beating case, Asim Hussain arrested for molestation

Twist in Padmavat Express beating case, Asim Hussain arrested for molestation

The video of Moradabad businessman Asim Hussain beating the Padmavat Express going from Delhi to Pratapgarh went viral on social media, in which a case was registered against unknown people who beat him. After this, there was a tremendous twist in this story, in which the GRP police says that the mob had beaten up Asim Hussain because he had molested a woman. Police registered a case against Asim Hussain and arrested him.

The GRP police had also told the allegations of forcing Asim Hussain to chant religious slogans as a lie. Today, in this case, the woman came to the GRP police station and filed an FIR against Asim Hussain for molestation. According to the police, the woman had left Ghaziabad with her brother and was molested by Asim on the way.

The victim woman also says, ‘Asim was 45 years old, had a beard, he told me to sit near me, so I went and sat near him, after some time he started molesting me, I started crying, I She was scared to tell, when the passengers saw, the fight started, neither did she get them to raise slogans nor did anything happen.’

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In this case, SP GRP Aparna Gupta says, ‘A girl has come to GRP station Moradabad and told about molestation, on the basis of which a case has been registered by Moradabad GRP and the accused Asim Hussain has been arrested and the case is being investigated. is being investigated.

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In the past, a video of a passenger being assaulted in a moving train had surfaced in Moradabad. In the video, some people were taking off the clothes of a person and beating him with a belt. The name of the victim was Asim. It was his allegation that some people boarded the train at Hapur and were beaten in the midst of the crowd on the allegation of theft. He also asked to raise slogans of Jai Shri Ram.

Asim’s allegation was that I was going from Delhi to Moradabad, while on the way some people from Hapur boarded the train, in the midst of the crowd they started saying that he is a thief, he is a thief. Did it, along with this said that if you raise slogans of Jai Shri Ram, I did not raise them, then they beat me mercilessly by making me lie down.