Upendra Kushwaha’s counterattack on Nitish’s statement, ‘How to leave your share like this…’

Upendra Kushwaha's counterattack on Nitish's statement, 'How to leave your share like this...'
Aditya Chaudhary

A new statement has come to the fore amid the tussle between JDU leader Upendra Kushwaha and Nitish Kumar. Rejecting the speculations of leaving the party, Upendra Kushwaha has called Nitish Kumar his elder brother. Along with this, JDU leader Upendra Kushwaha said that he will not leave his share.

Upendra Kushwaha tweeted the story of Aaj Tak and wrote, ‘You said very well brother…! When the younger brother starts leaving the house at the behest of such an elder brother, then every elder brother should drive his younger one away from the house and usurp the entire property of the father and grandfather alone.’ Next to this, Upendra Kushwaha said that how to go like this leaving your share….?

Leaders come and go – Nitish Kumar

Earlier on Wednesday, Nitish Kumar openly attacked Upendra Kushwaha. Nitish denied Kushwaha’s allegations on Wednesday. He said- Our party has not become weak. These are false allegations. Let people say what they have to say. No one from our party is in touch with any other party. He said- I did not stop anyone. Leaders can come and go at will.

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