Want a bride having government job I will give dowry video of chhindwara goes viral Lcls

Want a bride having government job I will give dowry video of chhindwara goes viral Lcls

You must have seen advertisements for desired life partner on newspapers, matrimonial sites. In this, people usually write about their knowledge as well as what qualities or qualifications they want in their future life partner. But, something different was seen in Chhindwara, that too such that it has become a topic of discussion on everyone’s lips.

A young man is looking for a girl to marry. So, he stood on the road with a poster in which he had written only one qualification for his future wife. That girl should have a government job. Apart from this, he had no conditions.

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The boy will not take dowry, but will give the opposite

One more interesting thing was written in this poster. The boy was also ready to give reverse dowry to the girl in exchange for marrying her. The video of this young man is also going viral these days, as well as it is being discussed a lot in Chhindwara city.

It is being told that this matter is related to the road near Bazar Fawwara Chowk. The incident is of Sunday 22 January. That day, a boy was standing in the middle of the road carrying a board, in which he had written that he was only looking for a girl with a government job in search of his future life partner.

Boy’s name is not known yet

Sheshrao, the shopkeeper of the place where this viral video is being told, told that on Sunday a boy was standing here carrying a poster. He was attracting people’s attention towards himself by making noise in Fountain Chowk.

Holding the board up, he stood here for some time. The name of the young man in the viral video is yet to be known. But, we will find out the young man soon.